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Explore the latest collection of Devils available on Sympathy NFT and know will it be profitable to mint or not. Hurry up.

Do you want access to the hidden channels of Discord? What if you got a chance to view the NFT collection of devils? Sympathy for The Devils has been introduced in the crypto market with a unique project idea and benefits for the users. 

The hot collection of the items offered by the platform has grabbed people’s attention in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Even though many tokens in the market focus on the artwork, Sympathy NFT vision is to develop a viable ecosystem.

So, let’s explore the details about this fantastic platform!

What is Sympathy for The Devil?

It is a devil-themed NFT that generates a non-fungible token for the holders. By joining the devil’s club community and becoming a part of their movement, investors are welcomed to the platform where lots of fantastic things are provided to them. 

It is a rare artwork generated by NFT whose amount is limited to 6666. It is the first NFT project that offers real and passive income to the holders. Moreover, accessing the devil in Sympathy NFT provides exclusive benefits. Do you want to know about them in detail? Let’s have a look at the next section.

What are the benefits of getting a membership?

  • The piggy bank of Hell allows you to claim your shares in the sales at the secondary level.
  • Users will be offered the links of hidden channels of Discord where they can use voting power and share suggestions to improve the platform.
  • Holders of the platform will be a part of the coolest community.
  • Sympathy NFT will allow the minting of companions for their devils in the future.

Founders of the SFTD

The official website does not share the details of the CEO and other team members who have offered a rare project based on devils. Thus investors are recommended to stay connected to know further updates about the founders.

Info of Sympathy for The Devils

  • Total items – 6.7k
  • Present owners – 2.7 k
  • Floor Price -0.75
  • Volume traded – 935
  • Category – collectibles
  • Type – fixed price 

Is it profitable to flip for Sympathy NFT?

The high mint cost may become a challenging factor to invest money on this platform. But like other non-fungible projects, users will find the platforms where these collectibles will be available at a comparatively low rate due to their reasons. Sales may offer you profits in the future, but being a new project with a high minting fee will not be feasible for everyone to invest. 

Moreover, the revenue share given to the holders will act as an incentive. Obviously, to earn passive income, such platforms are never bad to invest in.

How to buy Sympathy for The Devils?

The collection of Sympathy NFT can be accessed by visiting the official website. You will see an option to connect your wallet. Investors can either use Trustwallet or Metamask to get the devils. As the platform has partnered with OpenSea, you can search for any item and know the cost of bidding the desired devil with ease. 

However, before choosing your devil, we recommend you to go through the collection available on the Twitter account of Sympathy for The Devils.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the platform active on Discord?
  • Yes, Sympathy for The Devils has its discord channel.
  • How much share is given to the holders from the secondary sale?
  • 3%


By providing the Sympathy NFT, we tried our best to make you aware of the newest project of NFT that is based on devils. If you are willing to purchase any collectibles, we recommend you know the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading. It would help you to trade effectively.

What are your views about the rare project idea shared by the NFT? Comment and share with us.

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