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Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews: Why Is Svn J Beard Real Estate Houston TX Trending? Also Explore Peoples Reaction

The Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews article addressed an alleged rumour involving a real estate agency.

Are you looking for a real estate agency? Do you want to buy an estate? Do you know about Svn J Beard Real Estate? If not, then this Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews article will tell you honest and credible information on the topic. Lately, people from the United StatesAustralia, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines have been interested in details related to real estate.


Reviews On SVN J Beard Real Estate

Reviews about the services of this agency are mixed. Some people are very satisfied and happy with the services they receive, and many clients are not satisfied. The negative reviews overtake the positive ones. The official Facebook account of the business is also inaccessible, and the official website needs to be fixed. 

People who have left reviews on ‘Yelp’ are mostly dissatisfied with the accommodations the Svn J Beard Real Estate Houston TX has provided them. They have issues like leaking ceilings, a disastrous situation in the building etc. People have also claimed their employees were disrespectful and highly unprofessional during the course business. 

Why is SVN J Beard Real Estate Trending?

Recently, a controversy involving an employee from this real estate agency has gone viral. A TikTok creator named La Bonita had allegedly been bullied by two stranger girls at the Game of Astros in Huston. She claimed that the girls sitting right behind her were talking about her and making fun of her while she recorded everything. This video went viral on every social media, including Twitter. When she started recording a video, one of the two girls was seen flashing her middle finger. 

Those girls were bashed online; in addition, people quickly identified their names and all personal details. As per sources, one of the girls works at a real estate agency, which is closed permanently. But the truth is that she doesn’t work there, and the limestone real estate agency has been merged with another agency, SVN J Beard, in 2021. As per sources, it was revealed by his ex-boyfriend, who also addressed how much hate he has received for this scandal even though he is not involved in this controversy.

Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews & Public Reaction

As per sources, shortly after the TikTok video of La Bonita went viral, people started directing hatred towards the two girls. They quickly found their accounts and started digging out dirt on the girls. In a nutshell, people online started bullying the perpetrators. Thus, they started posting negative reviews on the SVN J Beard’s feedback page and pictures of the girls. 

After some time, Netizens realized they had been doing the same with the girls as they did to La Bonita. Till now, no official statement has been issued by Bonita in this regard. This is why Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews section was messed up and trending on social media.


SVN J Beard is a real estate agency that has been trending and is subject to a rumour, probably a false claim. The La Bonita Bully video has been going viral, and people are relating one of the bullies (a girl) from this organization and claiming that she works there, which is not true. She may be an employee of Limestone agency that later submerged into SVN J in 2021. To know more, click here

Were you aware of La Bonita’s whole scandal? Please drop a comment in the section below.

Updates on Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews: FAQs

Q1. What is SVN J Beard?

 A1. It is a real estate agency providing leasing, renting and property acquisition services based in Huston, Texas. 

Q2. Why the SVN J Beard’s is feedback section trending?

A2. With a misconception of an alleged bully being an employee of that organization, people have blasted them with negative reviews.

Q3. Who is La Bonita?

A3. She is the victim of bullying, and she posted a video of 2 girls bullying her.

Q4. What is a Limestone agency?

A4. Limestone was a real estate agency now merged with SVN J Beard.

Q5. Are the Netizens true about Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews?

A5. No, the bully named Litzareli Madrigal is probably not an employee at SVN J Beard.

Q6. Who and where was the video of the bully posted?

A6. The video was posted on TikTok by the victim La Bonita.

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