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Suryanandini .com: Check The Legitimacy, Products Of The Site

This post on Suryanandini .com will help you to understand the facts on the Suryanandini website and what this website provides. 

Suryanandini .com! 

Do you believe in Ayurveda? Have you ever used Ayurvedic products? If not, then you can get rid of your ailments using the products from the Suryanandini .com website. The website is popular among the people of India and people are looking forward to getting more updates on this website. In this article, we will discuss the facts on the legitimacy of the Suryanandini website. Please go through this post. 

About Suryanandini .com

Many people believe in Ayurveda. This technique of treating ailments has been practiced for a long time in Indian society. The Suryanandini website helps you to get products for different problems you can purchase ayurvedic eye drops, cow ghee, face soap, and other naturally manufactured products that are good for attaining good health. Besides running the website, they have an application that you can install from the Play Store. However, many people who have been searching for this website should go through the legitimacy of this domain. It will help you to know if the domain is authentic. 

Know the legitimacy of the Suryanandini Products

The website should be authentic and then only people should make payments to the online sites. In this section, we have provided the reliability features of the Suryanandini website. Kindly go through this section: 

  • Registration Date: November 17, 2021, is the creation date of the Suryanandini website. The website is more than two years old.
  • Trust Index: The domain received a 42.9/100 trust count. The score is not reliable as it is a poor count.
  • Phishing Score: The score of the phishing on the Suryanandini is 39/100.
  • Malware Score: The malware count of the Suryanandini website is 6/100. 
  • Reviews on Suryanandini Products: No reviews are received on the official website. Their product has been available on the other shopping sites with around 3.6/5 ratings. 
  • Social Media Presence: The social media pages are available on Facebook with only 999 followers and no reliable reviews except for reviews based on a single customer. 

Features Of The Suryanandini shop! 

The website has mentioned the contact details like email, address, and phone number. The website has several products but none of their products have been reviewed. They have mentioned their customer policies like shipment Policy and payment modes on their layout. You can check their policies from here.

Customer Opinions on the Suryanandini Face Sabun and other products! 

The Suryanandini website has been selling various products like face soap, eye drops, etc. However, none of their products have been reviewed on their official website. Moreover, their products have been available on other online shopping sites. They have been given 3.6/5 ratings. This website is available on the social media platforms like Facebook. It has only 999 followers and one review based on one customer’s opinions. Thus, the website seems to be partially reliable. You should make payments only if you find the website genuine. Without checking its authenticity otherwise Credit Card Scammers fool you.

Final Summary

Summing up this research on Suryanandini Face Sabun, we learned that the website was registered more than two years ago and the trust index is mediocre. Thus, you should not fully trust this website due to low trust score. You can wait for more reviews available online and check for more benefits of Ayurveda here. 

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