The New King, Charles III, Supports Blockchains

The New King, Charles III, Supports Blockchains

He has taken over the rule of the UK, comprising Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are, of course, referring to Charles III, the new King. He is in the news, not only in connection with the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II, but also, for his liking for the crypto world. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you might be also interested in knowing about the Bitcoin 360 AI Of Investing In Bitcoins.

Earlier Thoughts of the Then Heir to the Throne

Crypto enthusiasts are happy to know that the new King inclines towards blockchains and their development. They hope that he will become responsible for positive changes in the future.

True, King Charles III has never made public mention of his preferences. However, when he had been the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of England, he had made a subtle reference to the same. It was in 2019, that he declared blockchains to be interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The declaration had come during a meeting with a small group of people on the streets of Berlin. It was in response to a question asked by a member of the audience. What did Prince Charles III think of blockchains, and Bitcoin? The then, Prince, gave a reply regarding the former term, but not the latter one. 

The interaction on the street even appeared as a video on YouTube. Of course, his thoughts may have changed. Alternatively, they may have remained the same. Nonetheless, there is no denying that the new King has always exhibited a keen interest in anything new. The interest is more enhanced in the technical arena, especially if they turn out to be improved solutions, in comparison to the mainstream ones. 

Caution in Speech

He was only the heir to the throne, then. Now, King Charles III is very much a public figure. Therefore, he cannot express opinions that sound extreme, at any time. Such caution must be in evidence, especially when focused on the mainstream. 

At the same time, the King does not actively reign over the country, or the Commonwealth. As a result, his opinions will not have a major impact on Britain’s policies. The country’s Government plays a far more active role in formulating and implementing them. Nonetheless, he is welcome to offer and cultivate his ideas in private. This way, there will be no impact on policies concerning the mainstream. 

However, opinions expressed in public, especially if linked to a consensus, do carry some weight. Therefore, the King may not maintain extreme positions in any kind of debate. Instead, the King’s statements are bound to be highly pro-government and institutional. 

After all, all has not been well with the British monarchy during the last few decades. In fact, even its survival has been in question. Therefore, in such a scenario, it would be best for him to avoid taking up non-mainstream positions on any topic. It could lead to a heavy loss of public support. 

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The UK’s Policy Regarding the Crypto Arena

Hitherto, the UK has maintained an open, yet non-permissive, public policy towards digital currencies and blockchains. In other words, the country would like to have a much larger stake than before, in the cryptocurrency industry. After all, its stock exchange prevails over other such exchanges, across Europe.

Nonetheless, the British authorities are apprehensive too, specifically about the actions generated by amateur retail spectators, and investors. They could lose everything, due to sheer ignorance.

In the past, London had acquired fame as a digital currency capital. Later, Switzerland overwhelmed it, by being more permissive. It did not worry too much about protecting the amateurs. Then again, the world has seen the launching of other cryptocurrency hubs. 

Yet, it may be possible to revive everything, especially with King Charles III’s support. He may be able to persuade the British authorities to grant greater attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. After all, they are interdependent. 

It helps that the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, is keen for the UK to favor virtual currencies. Appointed by the Queen, just before she died, Truss had urged the nation to exploit virtual currencies to their maximum potential. She had tweeted her thoughts four years ago. 

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