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Sunset Mesa Home Funeral: Check Megan Hess Sunset Mesa Funeral Home Details!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral lawsuit. Also, learn about the judgement by the court.

Real crime documentaries about cannibals were in trend a few months back. A forgotten crime incident reported between 2016 and 2018 came to the limelight as US District Judge in Grand Junction, Colorado, announced the judgement. People in the United States and the United Kingdom are browsing the internet to know about the case.

What was the case related to? Let’s discuss details about the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral scam.


Who were the accused? 

The lawsuit pertains to case number 20-CR-00098. Megan Hess (46), the former director of Sunset Mesa Funeral Home, was the primary accused in addition to the joint owner of the funeral home and her mother – Shirley Koch (69).

Who were the victims?

Megan and Koch sold body parts of more than 560 corpses. All 560 corpses were among the dead people cremated at the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home.

How was the illegal trading exposed?

During 2016 and 2018, string operations exposing sales of human body parts were on the rise. Megan Hess Sunset Mesa Funeral Home used to offer the family members free cremation of the corpse if they agreed to donate body parts of the corpse. Megan used to charge $1,000.00 in case the family did not want to donate body parts of the corpse.

In the USA, selling human organs that can be transplanted, including heart, kidney, liver, eyes, etc., is illegal. However, US law does not regulate the sale of human body parts such as head, hands, legs, Etc.

Irrespective of the permission from the family of the dead people, Megan and Koch at Sunset Mesa Home Funeral used to cut the corpse’s body parts, assemble them with the body parts of other corpses, and sell them illegally. Later, Megan used to deliver the fake ashes of the dead body to the families.

This scam was exposed between 2016 and 2018, including coverage of illegal activities in other funeral homes.

What was the lawsuit about?


What was the lawsuit about

The lawsuit was related to Megan and Koch’s action of selling body parts of corpses illegally. Allegations included that the former director of Sunset Mesa Funeral Home – Megan, did not take the consent of the families of the dead peopleburried at Sunset Mesa Home Funeral before selling the body parts. The charges also included cutting body parts of the corpses.

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The court sentenced Megan to 20 years of federal imprisonment and Koch to 15 years. The prosecution tried for more severe punishment as the victims’ families argued that 20 years of imprisonment was not enough. The defence lawyer tried to get a future date stating one of his lawyers was on pregnancy leave. The case already had more than 200 listening’s over the video!

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Sunset Mesa Home Funeral – FAQ

1Q. What was the reaction of Megan Hess to the ruling?

Megan did not agree to take any personal liability for her crime.

2Q. What was the reaction of Shirley Koch’s to the court’s decision?

Koch felt sorry and expressed it in front of the court.

3Q. When was the punishment announced?

US District Judge Christine M. Arguello in Grand Junction announced the verdict on Wednesday, 4th-January-2023.

4Q. How was Megan and Koch associated with the funeral home?

Both were the joint owner.Megal served as a director of the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral.

5Q. Where did Megan sell the body parts?

The body parts were sold to individuals and organizations for experimentation, including medical labs, Etc.

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