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Sunflower Farm Crypto {Jan 2022} Contract Address, How To Buy

Let us check facts about a newly launched token. Read about Sunflower Farm Crypto in this article to know the market trends.

Are you looking to invest in game crypto to earn short term profits? Do you wish to earn while playing a farming game? Would you like to create your crafting items to the mint for a profit? Did you know a new crypto game token, SFF, launched in France a few months back?

Before you invest your time, capital and efforts, would you like to know the future of SFF? Then, read this article about Sunflower Farm Crypto.

What is Sunflower Farm Token?

SFF is a newly launched ERC20 token in Sunflower Farms games. The beta version of Sunflower Farms was launched in August 2021. Multiple token support, rewards for token holders and improvements in the game was brought in October 2021. 

Mining and crafting began in the fourth quarter of 2021. Currently, Sunflower Farms is available on the web browser. In 2022, the Sunflower Farms team aims to launch it on a mobile platform.

How do Sunflower Farm Token works?

  • The Sunflower Farms games work on an inbuilt process of Sunflower Farm Crypto demand and supply
  • The farmers earn more when the demand for crafting items is high
  • The farmers need to plant crops, harvest them and sell them in exchange to earn tokens
  • Farmers can open treasure chests every three days to claim rewards from the Sunflower Farms pool. The more tokens you have, the more amount of rewards you get.

Founder of SFF:

The identity of the founder of SFF is unknown. However, Adam Hannigan is the Solution Architect of Sunflower Farm Token and is actively involved in promoting SFF on the internet.

Sunflower Farm Crypto Price Statistics:

  • SFF Price – $4.054517967746
  • Transactions 24h – 41,252 up by (257.41%)
  • Changes for 24h – 136.51%
  • 24h Low/24h High – no information
  • 7d Low/7d High – no information
  • Changes for 7d – 0.00%
  • All-Time High – On 31st December 2021 at $4.794394965663
  • All-Time Low – no information

SFF Market:

  • Market Cap – $1,510,697.177 
  • Volume/Market Cap – 93.03%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $0.00

SFF Supply:

  • Total Supply – 551,090.66 SFF 
  • Trading Volume 24h – $1,405,326.993
  • SFF Liquidity – $(9.04%)

Sunflower Farm Token price predictions:

As SFF is a new token in the market, the price predictions about Sunflower Farm Crypto will take some more time to be analyzed and informed by market experts. The road map of Sunflower Farms shows linear growth once you reach 1 trillion tokens.

How to buy Sunflower Farm Token?

  • Metamask Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coin98 Wallet and SafePal Wallet support SFF
  • Currently, you can earn SFF only by farming as SFF is yet to be launched on QuickSwap.Exchange
  • Once SFF is on QuickSwap.Exchange, login, and connect your Metamask Wallet (for this, you need to install Metamask extension on the web browser) to the Polygon
  • Navigate to the Swap tab on QuickSwap.Exchange for exchanging Sunflower Farm Crypto
  • Select the token name you want to swap from and switch them to Matic. It will take at least eight minutes for the changes to reflect
  • Search SFF and add them to to your wallet


1Q. What is the official address to buy Sunflower Farm Token?

Ans. The official address to buy is 0xdf9B4b57865B403e08c85568442f95c26b7896b0.


Sunflower Farm Token is good for short term profits. The earlier you join the farming community, the more profit you make. As the supply of crops and crafting items increases, their price will be decreased. Therefore, as Sunflower Farm Crypto was recently launched, it is the right time to start investments in SMALL amounts. Also read about Best Crypto for Investment.

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