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Step Hero Token (Aug) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Step Hero Token (Aug) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> Here’s something interesting for the youths! Want to play the game and earn profits? Here’s an opportunity to view the currency details which provide this feature.

Today, let’s discuss the digital coin, a fantasy game-themed crypto-currency that combines DeFi and NFT games that ensures users enjoy earning via the Crypto market and playing the game.

Step Hero Token possesses this feature, and the token is well-known to crypto-currency investors Worldwide

So, Before investing in any Crypto coins, there must be a clear idea about Crypto Coin data and below we are going to discover above the step Hero Crypto Coin.

What Is Step Hero Crypto Coin?

This coin is a perfect combination containing Defi and NFT gaming, allowing holders to earn profits and have fun simultaneously. Trying to explore in deep the token is a comprehensive ecosystem that includes RPG game step Hero, NFT marketplace, and Heroes farming.

Step Hero Token provides gaming features and possesses a strong community that helps players invest in different activities and earn profits from the games.

About The Team Behind The Token Step Hero:

This token has designed a platform giving enthusiastic studio games in the Crypto market. This token’s team comprises more than twenty members with an impressive background and experience in various fields.

All the members are noted to be game lovers and desire to design game childhood characters in technology trends. The team took a lot of time to study every character and design a creative project-based NFT thoroughly.

Step Hero Token founding team has the following individuals:

  • Gabriel Vu: CEO
  • Lilly Nguyen: Chief marketing officer 
  • Lucifer Nguyen: chief technology officer 
  • Stephen Dong: blockchain engineer 
  • Krillin Tao: Game Director 

Step Hero Coin Price Statistics:

  • Hero Coin price: $1.61
  • 24h Price change: no data
  • 24h high: $2.08
  • 24h low: $1.26
  • 24h trading volume: $54,513,987.40
  • Market cap/ volume: no data
  • Market dominance: no data
  • Market rank: #2591
  • Fully diluted market cap: $162,435,848.230
  • Market cap: no data

Step Hero Token Live Price Data:

Currently, the coins worth today is USD 1.62. The twenty-four-hour trading volume is USD 54,513,087. There is no change in price over the past twenty-four hours. The live Coin market cap ranking is #2591.

Supply Details Of The Token 

  • Circulating supply: 5,250,000.00 Hero
  • Maximum supply: 100,000,000 
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 

How To Get Step Hero Crypto Coin?

So far, you have now been clear with the details concerning Step Hero Coin. Now few of you might be thinking of buying Step Hero Token. 

These are the brief steps:

  1. Find the coinswitch app and sign up there
  2. Do the funding of your account with the crypto or cash 
  3. Buy and play To get a deep understanding of the steps, visit

Once you get the Coin Step Hero, it’s recommended to use the dedicated wallet to store the digital currency for the long term in a safe and secure wallet. You may go for popular ones like Metamask, trezor one, Ledger Nano S, trust wallet, etc.

Frequently Aske Questions 

  1. What’s the contract address of Hero Token.

Ans. 0xE8176d414560cFE1Bf82Fd73B986823B89E4F545

  1. Who is the CEO of this digital currency.

Ans. The CEO of this coin is Gabriel Vu


Step Hero Token is the Best Coin to invest in if anyone wants to earn and play the game simultaneously. Try to go over every discussion we had cited down above about the mentioned coin. Before investing please check the  Bitcoin scammer list 2021.

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