5 Signs That You Should Start an Online Tutoring Business

5 Signs That You Should Start an Online Tutoring Business

Start an Online Tutoring Business: The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the significant growth of the online education sector. eLearning can increase the productivity of an educator by 50% by providing quality courses anytime and anywhere. 

To build a lucrative career in the online tutoring industry, the best bet is to start your own tutoring business. But not all tutors are confident in wearing the entrepreneurial hat when starting out. So before getting into the signs that it is time to start a tutoring business of your own, let’s look into scenarios when it is better to join an existing online tutoring platform. 

When to use a tutoring service instead of starting your own tutoring business

Before starting a tutoring business of your own, there are other options you can choose. You can join eLearning platforms like Udemy to sell your own courses before beginning to tutor independently. 

So here is when you must consider signing up with a tutoring service. 

You have to start working immediately

Building an online tutoring business takes time, effort, and money. Finding clients and establishing an online presence takes a significant amount of time as well. If you don’t want to go through this, it is better to sign up with a reputable tutoring website.

You are not familiar with social media

If you don’t have a social following or potential learners in mind, the best option would be to join an existing tutoring platform. 

You don’t mind paying a commission

When starting out, making a profit is not on your mind; you can go ahead and join a tutoring platform. Most third-party platforms take a commission which is basically a share of your total earnings. If you don’t mind paying a fee and don’t want to make an effort to set up a tutoring website, join a third-party platform to tutor online. 

Signs that you must start an online tutoring business of your own

Now that you know working with a third-party platform has its own pros and cons, the best approach is to start your own tutoring business. And here are 5 signs that it is time to start an online tutoring business of your own. 

You want to earn a decent tutoring income

The number one sign that you need to establish an online tutoring business is that your teaching job doesn’t compensate you well. You might be teaching students at a school or even offering after-school tutoring sessions, which aren’t helping you earn a stable income to pay off your bills. 

But you have the experience and skills to help students master a skill or have the knowledge to make them understand complex concepts. And you deserve to have financial freedom by converting your skill to money (A decent amount of money). In this scenario, starting an online tutoring business can help you get lots of clients across the globe and build a profitable career. Starting an online tutoring business need not be a full-time career; if you already have a job, you can pursue it as a part-time job. This helps to bring in additional revenue.

You are good with technology

While the essential tech required to set up an online tutoring business is not really complex, it needs a fundamental level of understanding. And if you are great with technology and the usage of modern digital tools, it is definitely recommended to give it a shot. 

An online tutor must have a basic setup that requires a webcam, a microphone, a laptop, a strong broadband connection, and an online tutoring software if you want to build an online tutoring platform. 

To start a tutoring business, make sure you start with building a tutoring platform that simplifies the process of scheduling online classes, appointment booking, payment processing, etc., not just for you but for your students as well. An online tutoring software like Pinlearn will help you build your online tutoring marketplace (without having to build it from scratch) with all the basic and advanced features required to host online classes for a great learning experience. 

Plus, you must know how to handle unexpected tech glitches, which are very common during online classes. There will be times when your internet would just go off, or your camera stops working, and you must know how to tackle these situations to keep the session going or at least not to panic and move on. 

You love being your own boss

When you are teaching in a school, and a student or a parent does something that is against the rules of a school, the school administration will take care of the issue. But when you are running an online tutoring business, you are your own boss, and you must handle these scenarios yourself. It is important to learn the skill of saying no when a situation arises. A private online tutor must be ready to handle the situation where you have to fire a client or even a tutor if they don’t adhere to the principles of your online classroom. 

You think social media is a boon and is powerful

While running an online tutoring business by building a tutoring platform is the fundamental approach you will adopt, you cannot exclude social media from the scene. When you own a private tutoring business, most of the promotions happen through social media, with which you must be familiar and must appreciate the power of social networks. Online tutors who want to start a tutoring business must also be ready to spend a lot of quality time on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to increase their services’ exposure and attain new clients. Having a good social following on social media is a great sign that you can carry off your tutoring business well off. 

You have business skills

Having business skills is important to keep a business running smoothly. If you are a tutor who already has amazing business skills like communication skills, leadership qualities, and technical skills like financial accounting, it is a prominent sign that you must attempt to run your own tutoring business. Problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, and time management are some of the important skills all online tutors must have to manage resources and managerial processes. 


Starting an online tutoring business is a huge decision that takes a lot of planning and the right execution. We have laid out some of the important signs that indicate this is the right time to start your own tutoring business. Even if you lack technical skills or business skills, you can always build it as there are a lot of online resources out there which can help you. Now the ball is in your court. What do you feel about starting an online tutoring business to supplement your income or build a career in the lucrative eLearning industry? 

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