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Ssg to PHP {Dec 2021} How To Buy? Prediction, Address

The blog will help you know about the SSG crypto and the rate between Ssg to PHP in recent times.

Entertainment, earning and profit in just one cryptocurrency. The new type of digital currency offers all three features that help traders and gamers. 

The coin also offers the “NFT” guaranteed ecosystem to investors. So, you can understand the value of the token in the crypto market. 

The name of this cryptocurrency is “Surviving Soldiers” in short form called “Ssg”. The token is famous in South-East Asian country Philippines.

Many crypto investors are already investing in Ssg tokens. So, the investors always check the transfer value between Ssg to PHP

Before discussing the matter, you should check out the features and elements of the new type of cryptocurrency Surviving Soldier Crypto. 

What is Ssg? 

As we said, the full name of the token is Surviving Soldiers. It is not just a token or cryptocurrency, but it offers a fun game to investors. 

The investors can profit while playing the game on the “Binance Smart Chain”. 

Many people have already taken part in the mining of the token. The central theme of this cryptocurrency is to offer money to gamers. 

Ssg to PHP and the Founders

The “Koopa” team is behind the token as per our research. Joseph Rubin, the COO of “Koopa”, claims the token is native. Anyone can buy the characters of the token. Gamers can also buy blood and ammunition. 

Players can also buy and sell their characters as per the game rule. The players will get many feelings like Rage, Banshee, Tank and Cold, etc.  

So, one can start the game, and as the game progresses, they can win and earn a profit. 

Market Sharing and Ssg to PHP

Let’s discuss its market ratio and statistics. We understand the Surviving Soldier token’s essential elements, rate, price, and features as per the following data. Let’s check the facts and current position of the token. 

  • USD Rate: $6.42
  • Volume: $19,619,422
  • Cap Rate in the Market: $19,619,422
  • Circulation: 1,772,969.00 SSG
  • Whole Supply: 5,000,000
  • Total Supply Rate: 5,000,000
  • Change of Rate: $0.1837
  • Low and High Rate: $5.73/ $8.99
  • Trade Ratio: $19,557,043.08
  • Domination: 0.00%
  • Position: 2822
  • High and Low (1 month): $2.65/ $35.86
  • Low (All-Time): $2.65
  • High (All-Time): $35.86        
  • Return of Investment: No Data      
  • Ssg to PHP– ₱317.74

The Best Reasons to Buy SSG

  1. It offers you a great game to play. 
  2. Gamers can enjoy the game and also buy the token. 
  3. The authority of the coin took many market initiatives. 
  4. One can find it on the smart chain of “Binance”. 
  5. It offers a good price ratio both in USD and PHP. 

The Process to Buy

Traders get ready to know the buying procedure. 

  1. As a buyer, you can use the “PanCakeswap” platform. 
  2. You can also buy the token from “MetaMask Wallet”. 
  3. Buy from Trust Wallet after you confirm the Ssg to PHP rate.  


  • Do you know the Contract Address of Surviving Soldier Crypto? 
  1. Yes you can. The contract address is 0xa0c8c80ed6b7f09f885e826386440b2349f0da7e.
  • The Reason for Trending the SSG News? 
  1. One can mine and farm the token via its game modification. 

Last Thoughts

So, as per our discussion, we find many features and elements of the SSG token. But just before your investment, you should know the market strength of the token. 

At least you should take the proper advice from the market experts and check the accurate conversion rate of Ssg to PHP

You can also read the blog How to Measure Market Ratio Before Invest in Crypto Currency in 2021. For more data, you can take a look at SSG’s official web page.  

 Do you know any other reason to buy this cryptocurrency? Please share with us via commenting. 


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