Splinterlands Coin 2021.

Splinterlands Coin (July) How to Buy? Coin Price, Token

Splinterlands Coin (July) How to Buy? Coin Price, Token >> Get well acquainted with one of the first NFT card games introduced on blockchain technology in 2018.

The blockchain community has expanded its growth and popularity by developing various strategies which provide various benefits to its users.

Introducing games on the NFT platform comes under one such reason: its popularity among users of the Philippines and Turkey, and other nations. Splinterlands Coin is an NFT gaming Token that gets earned easily by playing the NFT platform.

This blog will guide the readers towards the relevant facts and whereabouts of the token Splinterlands. Let’s read!

What Is Splinterlands Crypto Token?

Splinterlands allows users to earn rewards daily. One can get rewards from quests, tournaments and ranked play. Irrespective of the skill levels of users, Splinterlands gives the opportunity always to earn.

Among the rewards, one can earn Dark energy crystal(digital coin which is used to purchase items), magic potions, cards pack and various other cards available in varying Rarity.

Splinterlands Coin furthermore allows individuals to get involved in the cryptocurrency market. Hence a crypto coin wallet named Hive is automatically created once individuals register themselves on the Splinterlands portal. 

Veteran Crypto Coin users must be aware of the Splinterlands cross-compatibility and various other blockchain systems such as WAX, Tron and Ethereum. 

About Founder Of Splinterlands Crypto Coin:

Launched in 2018, Splinterlands is considered the first virtual games trading card to use blockchain technology. The CEO and Co-founder of Splinterlands is Jesse Reich.

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Splinterlands Coin Price Statistics:

  • Splinterlands Price: $0,2495
  • Ticker: SPS
  • Market Capitalization: $0
  • 24h low value: $0,1812
  • 24h high value: $0,3297
  • Trade volume 24h: $9,48M
  • Current circulating supply: 0
  • Maximum supply: 200M
  • 24h Price change %: 37.4471%
  • Sps quote: $0,2495
  • Total Market Cap: $151

What Are The Price Predictions Of Splinterlands Crypto Coin?

The Predictions data of the Splinterlands is not available as we didn’t come across any website displaying the prediction data.

About Supply Of Splinterlands Crypto Token:

The current circulating supply and maximum supply data of the Splinterlands is not available.

The total supply is two hundred million. The contract address of the Splinterlands Coin is 0x1633b7157e7638c4d6593436111bf125ee74703f. 

How To Buy Splinterlands Crypto Token?

For easy and simple ways to buy Splinterlands, give a look below 

  1. Create your account on Binance and get Ethereum or bitcoin wallet address 
  2. Purchase bitcoin using Master Card or Visa at Binance 
  3. Use BTC to Buy Splinterlands at the stipulated price. After few seconds of purchase, you will see your wallet will be full of Splinterlands Coin.

We recommend choosing a large and popular exchange that allows trading of Splinterlands and various other digital currencies.


  1. What’s the worth of one Splinterlands?

Ans. Splinterlands is now worth $0,2495

  1. What’s the price of sps?

Ans. $0,2495

  1. What’s The Ticker used for Splinterlands Coin?

Ans. The ticker used for Splinterlands is “SPS.”

  1. The Exchange Rate Of Splinterlands?

Ans. The exchange rate of the SPS is $0,2495

  1. What Is The Total Supply Of SPS?

Ans. The sps Total supply is 200M

  1. The official portal of Splinterlands

Ans. https://splinterlands.com/


Splinterlands certainly appears to be a useful game that helps to earn rewards with having minimum skill requirements. The entire information in the blog is based on the best research done by us regarding the Splinterlands Coin

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Have you ever earned rewards playing games on the NFT platform? Comment down 

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