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Sparkymods .com: Check The Features And Legitimacy Of Sparkymods Apk, Also Know About Bulma Character

We bring to you detailed facts about Sparkymods .com Bulma Apk. Also,learn about its legitimacy and content.

Are you looking to import Android applications and games but feel annoyed due to restrictions in free versions? Do you want to avoid paying monthly/yearly charges for unlocking premium features? Did you know that,an app store popular in Argentina,Mexico,and Peru,featured MODs and unlocked versions of Android apps? Let’s check about Sparkymods .com.

About Sparkymods .com: is young website offering import of Android applications and games. Landing page of only featured 42 apps and games,but on searching,several hidden apps and games pages were found. did not include mission statement. All social media links on referred to APKTEMPLATES INC from Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India. 

APKTEMPLATES INC helps develop customized App Store websites. redirects users to to import .apk files packed in compressed folder.

About Sparky Mods Bulma character:

Bulma is longest-running character in Dragón Ball meta-series. Bulma is featured in Dragón Ball game series. featured APKs and MODs for Dragón Ball Legends(270 MB) v4.27.0,Dragón Ball Z(73.71 MB) v1.3.2,Dragón Ball Z-2(30 MB) v3.0.5,and Dragón Ball Z Dokkan Battle(86.24 MB) v5.10.0. 

The Features of was registered to provide media subscription services,gift cards,sports brands,best premium apps,and mod games. featured five backlinks,including four do-followup links. did not specify terms of use,customer service contact number,FAQs,or newsletters.

Contact information for Sparky Mods .com:

The identity and contact information of’s owners,administrators,and technical team is censored using paid privacy services of LLC. is only generic and free email address mentioned for customer support. performance: had 85.9K+ visitors to date,gaining an average visit duration of 00:02:25 from average views of 3.59 pages,with 36.7% bounce rate. has load time of 3.44 seconds,with 66% D-performance grade (which is considered slow),and landing page size of 2.4 MB.

Sparky Mods .com traffic: has 28.67% increase in traffic compared to September/2023. demographically targets Turkey,Spain,Guatemala,Nicaragua,and Georgia. 

However, has average of 7.4K visitors monthly,from Mexico(39%),Colombia(9%),Argentina(9%),India(9%),and Peru(7%),yielding traffic value of $420. receives 51.39% traffic from organic search and 48.61% direct visitors. Most of visitors searched for – Last Of Ourselves Game,YouTube Sin Anuncios,Alternative to Magi+,MagisTv,PlutoTv,Las Mejores,and PlayHub. relays its services from server serial# f01d4bee7b7ca37b3c0566ac05972458 and 67def43ef17bdae24ff5940606d2c084 targeting and located in USA. Server Central Network from USA is ISP for

The Legitimacy of Sparkymods Apk: was registered 10-months and 21-days ago on 16th/November/2022 in USA. It was last updated 10-days ago,on 27th/September/2023,suggesting business continuity. has short life expectancy as its registration expires within 1-month and 11-days on 16th/November/2023. NameSilo LLC.,which is popular among scammers,is registrar of’s IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) issued by cPanel Incorporated for next 12-days. is not blacklisted and uses valid HTTPS protocol.

Customer reviews of Sparkymods Apk:

No user reviews were found for All apps and game reviews on were positive and rated 5 stars. Hence,such product reviews on are unrealistic. Click here to learn about PayPal scams,as five website reviews of suggest that it is possible scam.

Social media links:

Conclusion: gained an average 67% trust score but low 47.5% business rank. It scored high 35% suspicion,11% threat,3% phishing,11% malware,and 1% spam scores. attained good 195,835 Alexa rank but terrible 3/100 Domain Authority (DA). Android developers or Google Play does not authorize to host links for Sparky Mods Bulma or any other apps. Click here to learn about credit card scams,as high threat,malware, and suspicion scores suggest highly-risky.

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