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Sophie Machine Gun Kelly: Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Guitarist? Also Check Complete Details On Machine Gun Kelly And Sophie Lloyd

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Do you want to know about Sophie Lloyd? Are you eager to know about Machine Gun Kelly? If so, read the article till the end. Sophie and Machine Gun Kelly are popular Worldwide. People are interested to know about the relationship between Sophie and Kelly.

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Sophie Lloyd and Machine Gun Kelly

Sophie Lloyd plays guitar for Machine Gun Kelly. A social media post of Actor Megan Fox has gone viral. Fox stated that she has stopped following her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram. They have become separated from each other. As per sources, because speculation arose that Kelly cheated upon Fox with Sophie. Megan and Kelly made their relationship public in 2020. But the recent social media post regarding their relationship has surprised their fans. The cryptic post made by Megan has become popular among people. After Sophie joined as a Machine Gun Kelly Guitaristshe became popular among people within less time.

Who is Sophie Lloyd?

Sophie Lloyd was born on 2nd September 1996 in London, the United Kingdom. Her mother is Sue, who is a Pilates Instructor. She is 27 years old and working as a Guitarist for the band Machine Gun Kelly. Sophie has been interested in music since her childhood. After returning from school, she practiced playing her Yamaha Pacifica Guitar for five hours daily. She stated that she was a bit of an outcast which gave her a lot of time to practice her guitar. It also relieved me of anxieties.

Sophie Machine Gun Kelly

The recent controversy regarding the relationship between Megan and Kelly has raised some questions. A breakup rumor between Megan and Kelly circulated when Megan deleted all the pictures of her finance from Instagram. She also unfollowed Kelly on Instagram, which triggered the rumor of break up. According to a report, Megan started following Eminem, Harry Styles, and Timothee Chalamet after unfollowing Kelly. Many fans commented on Megan and Kelly. One such fan stated that he would believe love to be fake if they broke up. As per sources, another fan wrote about whether Machine Gun Kelly and Sophie Lloyd are serious about this post.

About Sophie’s Education and Career

Sophie Lloyd graduated from BIMM Institute and received a First Class Honours BMus in Popular Music Performance. She has many followers on social media platforms. Her performance attracts everyone to become her fan. She uploads her performance on her YouTube channel. 

Various Artists and bands inspired her. She received inspiration from the Black Label Society, Pantera, Iron Maiden, the Offspring, and Misfits. Rory Gallagher and Joe Bonamassa also inspired her. Later she joined the band Machine Gun Kelly. Now, she has become popular worldwide due to her amazing performance. Sophie Lloyd Machine Gun Kelly has been able to entertain the people. People have become fans of their band. But, the recent social media post has compelled people to think about their relationship. People are eager to know the truth. However, removing the picture of Fox from their Instagram account of Kelly has raised many questions.

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The people are confused about the relationship between Lloyd and Kelly. Some are addressing it as a rumor. Some of the fans are not ready to believe in the speculation. To know more, please visit the link

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Sophie Machine Gun Kelly-FAQs

Q1. What is the age of Sophie Lloyd?


Q2. Since when is Sophie practicing guitar?

Since the age of 10 years.

Q3. Who did post on Social media about Sophie and Kelly?

Megan Fox.

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