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Solarians NFT (Sep 2021) Coin Price, How to Buy Them?

Please read this article about Solarians NFT to discover its benefits and explore the methods for easy buying and selling.

Have you heard of Solarians before? Do you know what it is about? Have you read about the link between Solarians and cryptocurrencies?

With the deflation in crypto markets, several crypto kickers and Solarians are working their best to regain the innovations. In this article below, we will discuss the hype trending in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.

Solarians NFT is the most searched topic, and people are waiting for the official statements regarding the same. Explore the pointers mentioned below to know what it is about!

What are Solarians?

The first generative active NFT’s on Solana are referred to as Solarians. All of these NFT’s are known to have their own sets for attributes and traits with rarities. The website has been launched with a protocol that there will be a limited amount of NFT for the same, around 10,000 as produced by the platforms.

Who are the Crypto kickers?

The decentralized marketplace for NFT where users can buy, sell or create their shoes inspired from the NFT, Solarians NFT being a part of it. The platform is also open for virtual tours, and as mentioned by Sportico, they have released their partnerships with multiple NBA players, Wilson Chandler being one of the names.

The announcement by Solarian:

Solarian has mentioned that they have launched their own nonfungible tokens with partnerships from crypto kickers over their Twitter account. This can be collected through coding methods, collected with scarcity, authenticity, and novelty.

The NFT by Roboboot have been mined are they are also ready and set for the giveaways. But how to get the same?

How to get a shoe pair for Solarians NFT?

These platforms, including the Solarians and Cryptokickers, have revealed that they will not be trading directly over the NFT. Instead, they will distribute the same under two heads:

  • If you are a Solarian holder, then the snapshot for the same will be taken at the weekend, and based on that, the NFT will be gifted to the winners.
  • Users can also win the same through retweets. A random winner will be announced from all those who have retweeted the same.

What all are the requirements to get NFT on Solana?

Solarians NFT demands a few requirements, and the details for the same are mentioned below. The user needs to have a bank account, PayPal account, or debit card for the coin base platform.

Steps to get NFT on Solana:

Some simple steps will help you get easy NFT for Solana. Follow the points mentioned below:

  • The user first needs to set up a free coin base account.
  • The payment method is asked to be added to the same.
  • The user needs to purchase bitcoin as an asset.
  • From the asset options, they now need to select Solana.
  • The user then has the option to purchase Solarians NFT. Next, they need to set up their Solana wallet.
  • The user now needs to transfer their Solana NFT to the Phantom Wallet.
  • The last step says to start by getting your first NFT.


  • Can I get the Ethereum for Solana for free?

With the steps mentioned below, you can avoid the expenditure of $100 as the fees.

  • How to set up the coin base account?

The link https://www.coinbase.com will help you with the easy sign-up process to the platform.

  • Is there any fixed limit for Solana’s purchase?

There is no limit; users can also get the same for $10 to any price, as they wish to.

Final Verdict:

Facts related to Solarians NFT have been discussed in the blog. This comes with easy purchase and selling methods. If you want to explore more about the NFT, click on the given link for extended facts.

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