Slp Price to PHP 2021.

Slp Price to PHP (July) Token Price, How to Buy? Chart

Slp Price to PHP (July) Token Price, How to Buy? Chart >> Read the article and get all details on this crypto if you are planning to invest in it.

As in today’s world cryptocurrency market is rising very high, and more and more people are looking for different cryptos and are investing in them. If you are also searching for the Slp Price to PHP, then you are at the right place as we will help get your answers.

Recently many people from the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and the United States want to get details about this token and want to invest in it. 

What is Slp (Small love potion ) crypto? 

Small love potion is a token that can be earned by playing a game known as Axie infinity. These tokens are earned when you play the PvE adventure mode or the Pvp arena in the game. 

This is an ERC-20 token, and these tokens help in breeding Axies that are digital pets. If you want to know the details about Slp Price to PHPthen read below.

Who formed this token? 

This token is based on a game, and this token can be used to make changes and breed your digital pet in the game, the CEO of the game Axie Infinity is Trung Nguyen. It was his idea to develop a blockchain-based game, and he wanted more and more people to own this valuable asset. He said that Etherium played a huge role in creating his dream game. 

This token was made because he wanted to explore the potential of blockchain in the field of gaming.

Slp Price to PHP

Currently, the price of Small Love Potion is $0.2402, and this token is up by 7.57% in the past 24 hours. The market capitalization of this token is $97,003,782. In the past one day, the trading volume of this coin has reached up by 33.91% 

and as we got the data from official sources and websites 

1 Small love Potion = 11.80 (PHP) Philippine peso. 

Read the below article to know more details related to this token. 

Price prediction of Small Love Potion token: 

As the current price of this token is $0.2402 in mid-2021, we can expect that this coin will give huge profits if invested now. Considering Slp Price to PHP, it is likely that the price of this token will reach up to $1.17. It means that if you invest $100 in this token for five years, it would be $490 in 2026, which is a growth of 390%. 

Some details about this token: 

  • Market capital is : $97,003,782
  • Market rank of the token is #285
  • 24 low/ 24 high is $0.2151/$0.2569.
  • Trading volume is $70,269,276
  • Total supply is 404,090,637

How to buy or earn this token?

As you read above that this token can be earned by playing different modes like Pvp arena and PvE adventure mode in a game known as Axie Infinity. This way, you can earn 

SLP tokens and considered on Slp Price to PHPyou can also buy the token directly by registering on the coin base and then convert your fiat money into SLP.

FAQ’s about this token : 

  1. What is the circulating supply of this token? 

Ans. The circulating supply of this token is 404,090,637 SLP.

  1. What will be the price of this token after five years? 

Ans. It is expected that this coin can reach a mark of $1.17 in 2026 but the question is how to buy cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: we provided you all the details and information about this coin based on our research, and as we consider Slp Price to PHPit is expected that this coin will give great interest, but keep in mind that we are not suggesting you buy this token as we are not financial advisers.

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