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Shari Smiley Obituary Photos: Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Net worth!

The Shari Smiley Obituary Photos has a detailed Biography and other update on a literary agent’s sudden death. 

Are you searching for the latest update on Shari Smiley death that has shocked most netizens? Do you want to know the cause of Shari Smiley’s death? Shari Smiley passed on 14th November 2023 at 53, and her early death has surprised people from her industry. Most of her friends and colleague has shared their grief on social sites like Twitter and Reddit. 

Many social media users in the United States have called her early death tragic and hoped her to be in peace. Shari Smiley Obituary Photos has details on her life and achievement. 

Shari Smiley Obituary Photos Trending on Social Sites:

An Obituary message on the social media site Twitter has caught the online audience’s attention. The message indicates that former CAA agent Shari Smiley died on Tuesday at fifty-three. This unfortunate news has shocked many of her colleague from the industry, and they have shared their condolence message on the internet. A Twitter message was also shared by Shari’s family, informing them of her untimely death. 

Shari Smiley Wiki:

Name  Shari Smiley
Nickname  Not known
Date of Birth  1970
Place of Birth  America
Profession  Agent for Book and movies
Worked at  CAA agency
Marital status  Not known
Own banner  Smiley management banner 
Boyfriend  Not known 
Height  Not known 
Weight  Not known 
Films  Wild, Gone Girl, and The Devil wears Prada

Shari Smiley Wiki has summarized limited information available in the digital space about the former CAA agent. 

Was Shari Smiley Married to Jayson Smiley?

Some reports and messages in the digital space suggest that Jayson was married to Shari, but there is no conclusive evidence. A 2015 news report mentions the divorce report of Shari and Jayson Smiley. Jayson Smiley tweeted on 15th November that his ex had died of some unknown cause. 

Shari Smiley Biography:

Shari started her career as a receptionist at CAA in 1993 and soon began selling more books than experienced agents. Shari spent most of her working years at CAA in different roles and sold book rights that later became well-known movies. Shari spent four years at “The Gotham Group” and sold titles like Dark Wood and The Barbizon that later started bidding wars. 

Shari Smiley’s Biography suggests that she excelled in her work and was well-known in the industry. The former CAA agent left the job and, on the advice of Mort Janklow, named her agency “The Smiley Group .”Shari also worked with many well-known authors in her career and sold rights to Books made into movies. 

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Shari Smiley Parents:

Shari was a well-reputed representative in the literary field and was known for her commitment to work. She rose from a receptionist post to become one of the top literary agents in the movies and book section. There is not much information related to Shari Smiley in the digital space. It appears that she kept her family life away from public scrutiny. 

Shari Smiley Net worth: 

Shari’s career spanned over thirty years, and she rose to the top position in her working field. Most people recognize her for the work the former CAA agent did in the literary area. Shari also started her agency known as “The Smiley Group .”All these must have helped her make a great fortune, but there are no details on her income in the digital space. 

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Final verdict: 

The death of a former CAA agent at the Age of fifty-three has shocked her colleague and friend from the industry. A Tweet from Jayson Smiley suggests that she has committed suicide, but no one from Shari Smiley’s family has confirmed the message in the post. 

Has Shari Smiley Committed Suicide? Please comment. 

Disclaimer: The post has shared an obituary update for the digital audience and has no intention of promoting any information mentioned in the blog. 

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