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Shapeswin com Xbox: Get Details of Arnott Shape Win Contest Here!!

Shapeswin com Xbox post has all the details related to the promotional contest run by Arnott Shape Company.

Do you want to win the Xbox series every hour and play games on it? Have you participated in the Arnott Shapes win competition launched in selected countries? The Snack food company Arnott has started a promotional campaign for citizens of Australia and New Zealand. 

Though the promotional offer is live for some time, some netizens have complained about not getting the code after buying the Shapes product. The Shapeswin com Xbox article attempts to provide details of the campaign along with the rules and deadline of the competition.


Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet research and is not for promoting any product or service.

What is Arnott Shape Win Portal?

Arnott is a food company that sells popular savoury biscuits in selected countries. The seventy-year-old company has launched a campaign to attract the child and online game-playing section of its customer base.

According to the Shape win website, the Xbox free campaign went live at 12 a.m. on 6th February 2023 and is active for a limited time.

How to Participate in Shapeswin com Xbox Promotion?

People interested in the Shapes win contest can follow the steps mentioned below to participate. This offer is active in some selected countries, so the audience should take note of it.

  • This offer is valid for Australian and New Zealand citizens.
  • People below eighteen years of age are not eligible for this offer.
  • Contestants need to purchase a specially marked box of Shapes.
  • They should look for a special code inside the package.
  • Open the website
  • Enter your details like mobile number, the shape of the product purchased, name and e-mail address.

What Prizes are available in the Shapeswin com Xbox Contest?

Four types of prizes are available in this contest for individuals from selected countries. We have listed the name of some prizes below for participants.

  • Instant prizes for Australian contestants – Xbox console series S 512 GB worth AUD 499 each.
  • Instant prizes for New Zealand Citizens- Xbox console series S 512 GB worth NZD 549 each.
  • Woolworths Prizes – 10 x Custom Chicken Crimpy Wrapped S series Xbox console worth AUD 1099 EACH.
  • Exclusive prizes for Supermarket – 100 x $ 100 JB hi-fi e-gift cards.

Australian citizens should redeem their prizes before 11:59 local time on 25th May 2023, while New Zealand citizens should do so by 11:59 28th June 2023.

Shapeswin com Xbox Website Reviews:

The participant of last year’s shape win contest was seen discussing their queries related to the competition. Most contestants shared their code entry errors on the website, while some found the detailed entry process complicated. 

Some netizens also felt that it is the most confusing competition by Arnott Company. Some legit rating websites have given a 55.5 rating to this content website. 

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Final verdict:

The Shapewin contest is a great opportunity for participants to win the Xbox S series console  by purchasing Shapes boxes. The contestant should redeem the code before the last date of the contest. 

Have you won the S series Xbox in the Shape win contest? Please comment.

Shapeswin com Xbox: FAQs

Q.1 How is the company informing the winner of the contest?

The company is sending a message on mobile and the winner’s e-mail address.

Q.2 When will the draw take place for Woolworth’s exclusive promotion?

Woolworth’s exclusive promotion draw will occur at 11 a.m. local time on 28th April 2023.

Q.3 Which store qualifies as an Independent store under the Shape win contest?

Independent stores for this contest are Food works, Foodland, Drakes, Romeos and others.

Q.4 Are multiple entries available in the Shapes win the contest?

Yes, multiple entries are open for Australian citizens.

Q.5 Will the name of the Shapeswin com Xbox winner be published on its website?

Yes, the winner’s name will be published on Shapes win website. 

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