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Shanquella Robinson Video Reddit: Explore The Details On Fight Video From Twitter, And Instagram

This article explore details on  Shanquella Robinson Video Reddit and more information about her cause of death.

Have you seen Shanquella Robinson’s video? What is there in that video? In that video, two ladies were fighting, and the video circulated on social media. The video got publicity in the United Statesand worldwide people were rising for justice for a woman’s death. Read the article to know more about Shanquella Robinson Video Reddit recorded in the hotel and other details about Shanquella Robinson’s death.


How Shanquella Robinson’s died?

Shanquella Robinson went on to trip along with friends. They went to Cabo in Mexico. They have taken lots of videos during their trip. One of the videos was leaked online. In that video, she had a fight with another woman in the hotel room.

Shanquella Robinson’s friends stated that she died because of liquor. But she had injuries in the spinal cord and neck. Due to this, her death was not natural. It creates doubt about her death.

The autopsy report and Friends Video

The friends who traveled with Shanquella Robinson returned to the nation and informed her parents about her death. They told them that she had passed away because of liquor. However, the stories were unreliable, with the evidence on her death certificate released on 16th November. 

The autopsy report lists Shanquella Robinson’s reason for death. She was injured severely in the spinal cord and neck. It mentioned her death is not happened because of liquor. 

After the autopsy report, social media users started circulating an attack video of two women. That Fight Video showed an undressed woman cruelly attacked by one more woman.

Who is in the video visual?

In social media leaked video of the hotel’s CCTV room, Shanquella Robinson’s mom has confirmed her daughter on that video. She confirmed that the undressed lady was her daughter. 

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Shanquella Robinson – cause of death

Mexican authorities and the FBI confirmed and announced, after analyzing the Video Twitter footage released online, to the public Robinson’s death investigation. 

Action against Robinson’s death

Mexican police authorities have issued an arrest warrant to the person for Shanquella Robinson’s death.

Why she went on the trip?

Shanquella Robinson went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to celebrate her friend’s birthday. But, unfortunately, she died within 24 hours of reaching the place. It shows the attacked lady is the Killer.

Shanquella Robinson’s Time of Death 

At the time of the incident, around 3:15 p.m., the doctor noticed Shanquella was dehydrated and asked her to admit to the hospital. Doctor treatment was not responded to her body and announced her death at 5:57 p.m.

As per sources, the video clearly shows Daejhanae Jackson brutally hitting Shanquella Robinson. And she was arrested by the Mexican police department.

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Shanquella Robinson and her friends went on the trip for her friend’s birthday celebration. During the trip, one lady was brutally attacked, and her neck and spine were broken. For further investigation and detailed informationclick on the link.

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Shanquella Robinson Video Reddit: FAQ

Q1. How old is Shanquella Robinson?

years old

Q2. Where she went on a trip?

Cabo, Mexico

Q3. What happened on the trip?

She died mysteriously.

Q4. Who is the suspect in her death?

As per sources, Daejhanae Jackson is the suspect.

Q5. When Shanquella Robinson died?

29th October 2022

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