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Sff Token (Jan 2022) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the Sff Token to help investors make the right choice. 

A new game has been launched to plant, craft, mine, fight and earn the crypto token. The Play-to-Earn system attracts many investors in France and Turkey, and the Sunflower Framer is the new online game based on cryptocurrency. 

It is an open-source game, and there is no pre-mine or pre-sale available. The game is developed on the supply and demand mechanism, where players are rewarded early to the game. 

The only way to earn the Sff Token (Native Token) is by farming crops or purchasing them on the exchanges.  

What is Sunflower Farm Token?

Sunflower Farm is the crypto token with the ticker symbol SFF. However, you must not confuse SFF Crypto with other tokens, as the same ticker is also used for similar crypto tokens. But, we are discussing about Sunflower Farm Token. 

Sunflower Farm is an online game built on the supply and demand mechanism, controlling the underlying tokenomics. The game invites worldwide investors to help meet the growing demand for the token. 

The game aims to reward the farmers with the native token Sff Token, and farmers that are early to the game and drive scarcity will be rewarded.    

The Team Behind the Token

Sunflower Farm is an open-source project controlled by a team of experts and professionals. Adam Hannigan is the Solution Architect, Romy Furtado is the front-end engineer, Spencer Dezart Smit is the front-end engineer, Aljon is the game designer, Franz is the team and community support, and Victoria M is the community support. 

Besides, it is also active on social media, and you can follow the game and its team on Twitter. 

What is the Market Analysis of Sff Token?

Based on the major exchanges, the token has a live price of $3.6, and the liquidity value of the token is 9.4$. However, the token’s trading volume recorded in the last 24 hours is $1 295 774.826. There is a hike recorded in the trading volume of 95.7%.

The token has a market capitalization of $1 353 545.075, and there are no details on the diluted market cap of Sff Token.

The total circulating supply of the token is 372 596 SFF, and the maximum circulating supply of the token is 372 596 SFF. Besides, the token has more than a hundred holders across the world. 

How to Buy Sunflower Farm Token?

  • Sunflower Farm Token is launched on Poly and deployed on Polygon Matic as ERC-20
  • So, investors have to link their wallet to the exchange to buy the token
  • Add funds to the account that is compatible with the token
  • Search the token using the contract address 0xdf9b4b57865b403e08c85568442f95c26b7896b0
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Swap the funds for Sff Token
  • Transfer it to your wallet and hold it 


Q1. Which is the Official Site of the Token?

A1. https://sunflower-farmers.com/ is the official website of the token.

Q2. Which Contract Address Investors Have to Use?

A2. Investors have to use 0xdf9b4b57865b403e08c85568442f95c26b7896b0 as contract address for the token.

Q3. How Many Transactions Recorded in 24 Hours?

A3. There are 40 792 transactions recorded in the last 24 hours.


If you are interested in playing crypto-based games and want to earn crypto as a reward, Sunflower Farm is the game you must start playing. 

You can play and earn Sff Token as a reward, and it is also available for purchase on exchanges. Since it is not available on pre-sale or pre-mine, you need to earn it by playing the game or from any exchange. 

But, before investing in the token, you must ensure to learn about the best crypto to invest in 2022.

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