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Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023: Has Body Found There? Reveal Facts Here!

Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023 post has discussed the dead body found in the Harrisville area and serial killer theory related to it.

Have you heard of a serial killer in the State of Rhode Island during early 2000? Has the recently found dead body of a 67-year-old woman had anything related to the serial killer? A woman’s body was found in a pond frozen in the Northern part of Rhode Island on Sunday. 

The television series “Twisted Killers,” released in 2022, was based on Jeffrey Mailhot from Rhode Island, United States. Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023 has an updated report on a dead body found in Burrillville and a serial killer theory floating on the internet.


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Dead Body of Women found in Pond, Burrillville:

Burrillville police have recovered an older woman’s body from Little Round Top pond in the Harrisville area of Rhode Island State. Police and other rescue teams were in the pond area around 11 am on Sunday. The Harrisville Fire department officers found the body of the woman half submerged in the water in the area used by people for fishing.

Jane Finkelstein Body Found in Rhode Island Pond:

According to the Burrillville police department, they received an alert around 10:48 am on Sunday about a dead body half submerged in the water. The changing weather conditions in the area have plunged the temperature below zero, making water bodies partially frozen. 

The local police didn’t reveal the name of the dead, but after a medical examination, the team gave a brief on the incident. The police identified the dead woman as Jane Finkelstein, 67, from the village of Harrisville. Police chief Col Stephen Lynch further briefed that the body was recovered 24 from the shore 

Has Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023 Became Active:

A thread on the Reddit platform is posted by u/RyvOn warning women against a serial killer. It says a serial killer is targeting women in Rhode Island, and they should stay safe and carry pepper, knife, and other effective things for their safety. The post says that a third dead body has been found in the area, and things are getting worse.

The post in the Rhode Island Reddit community has sixty-four comments, and most have discounted this post as a mere rumor and believe RI to be the safest state.

Burrillville police on Body Found in Rhode Island:

Police have rejected any foul play in Jane Finkelstein’s death case, and the medical team has also given its autopsy report. The Medical team has given “accidental drowning” as the cause of death and found exposure as a contributing factor in it. The local police also found nothing supporting the foul play theory on the internet.

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Final verdict:

Jane Finkelstein was found dead in Little Round Top Pond Lake in Rhode Island. The medical team has given “accidental drowning” as the cause of death, but serial killer theory floats on the internet. Is the RI serial killer theory a mere Rumor, or its real? Please comment.

Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023: FAQs

Q.1 What is the profession of Jane Finkelstein, whose dead body was found in Rhode Island pond?

Jane Finkelstein was a child Psychologist working in the Holliston area of Massachusetts.

Q.2 Why is the serial killer theory related to Rhode Island floating on social sites?

Some recent deaths in the area have prompted netizens to link it to the 2004 serial killing incident in the State.

Q.3 What is the name of the Rhode Island serial killer found guilty in 2004?

Jeffrey Mailhot is an RI serial killer found guilty of killing women in 2004.

Q.4 Are people believing the Serial Killer in Rhode Island 2023 theory?

No, netizens do not believe the serial killer theory and find Rhode Island in 2023 as the safest state.

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