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Scarf Suzhichou Scam: Check Complete Information On Scarf Suzhichou Reviews

Read complete facts unavailable elsewhere about Scarf Suzhichou Scam to know how it works and why it was plotted.

Unlike name Suzhichou sounds familiar to a beautiful city in China, this article discusses Suzhichou Scarf Scam features in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Suzhichou Scarf is a multinational scam intelligently plotted and executed. There are several shocking facts when the Suzhichou Scarf Scam is analyzed. Did you know that Suzhichou Scarf Scam was recognized as a brushing scam by several reputed e-stores? Let’s check more about Scarf Suzhichou Scam.


About Suzhichou Scarf Scam:

Recently, several Amazon customers reported receiving a package at their door from Suzhichou. In the USA and Canada, the package was sent via USPS. Similarly, several Amazon customers in the UK reported receiving a package from Suzhichou.

The package contained a women’s scarf with horses printed on it. All the customers who had received the package did not order it. However, several customers reported receiving the package after ordering articles from marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace.

Amazon quickly identified it and reported that Scarf Suzhichou Reviews and scam had affected all the marketplaces! Currently, Suzhichou Scarf is inaccessible on the Amazon e-store. 

How does the Suzhichou Scarf Scam help?

It is a high-level scam at the corporate level. The sales team sends cheap give away to the customers. Once the package is mailed, a tracking number is generated in the marketplace. The sales team (or) assigned company representatives will give the highest reviews and ratings for the product.

Therefore, the product reviews and ratings will look genuine and give the impression that actual customers gave feedback. However, it is an internal and fake review system, but Scarf Suzhichou Scam helps the company to boost sales of the scarf, and the search engine will populate the results of highly reviewed and rated items at the top of the search results!

Facts about Suzhichou Scarf Scam:

Suzhichou is a name similar to Suzhou. Suzhou’s scarf is famous in e-stores as they are made of 100% silk fabric. They give a glittering and trendy look, a silky feel, and beautiful embroidery. Each square inch of reputed Suzhou Scarf costs between $0.07 to $0.09+. Such scarfs were found on Amazon.

However, Suzhichou scarfs are made up of Polyester. Instead of embroidery, Scarf Suzhichou Scam included printed pictures of horses on the scarf. The Suzhichou Scarf looks beautiful and gives a silky feeling, but it costs $0.01 per square inch. 

It must be noted that silk is available for $8 to $10/pound, whereas Polyester is available at $1/pound at the wholesale rate. Hence, Suzhichou Scarf /was sent as a cheap giveaway to boost reviews and ratings of Suzhichou Scarf.

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On eBay, Suzhichou Scarf printed with pictures of horses were available between $8 to $22.00+ from more than six sellers. Scarf Suzhichou Scam turns out to be true. Two sellers received 99.7% positive feedback from 15,051 reviews and gained 4.9/5 star ratings based on Accurate description/Reasonable shipping cost/Shipping speed/Communication. Rest four sellers gained 100% positive feedback and 4.9/5 stars from 3,589 customer ratings.

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Scarf Suzhichou Scam – FAQ

1Q. Can the customer keep Suzhichou Scarf?

BBC advised customers should contact the supplier/sender, after which they may keep the unordered item. 

2Q. How many sellers on the e-store had the highest reviews?

Three sellers had the highest reviews of 2,756, 6,268, and 8,783 customers and the highest sales of 6.5K+, 18K+, and 8.8K+, respectively, in the past 12-months.

3Q. How much was the review and sales of the other three sellers on the e-store?

Three other sellers showed reviews of 43, 350, and 614 and the highest sales of 121, 350, and 1.7K+, respectively, in the past 12-months, determining the HUGE GAP!

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