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Rozi Popo Viral Twitter Video: Is It The Twitter Trending Content Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram?

This write-up is about Rozi Popo Viral Twitter Video that lets viewers know about two social media influencers whose content was recently viral.

Was it illicit in popular Rozi and Popo footage on Twitter and other social media platforms? Twitter users from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries have increasingly sought references to popular Rozi and popo video clips.

Recently, many have been searching for this latest and most popular content on search engines and social networks since it piqued their interests. So, read additional facts about Rozi Popo Viral Twitter Video in this post.



We only present extensive information about it without endorsing the situation or individual or intending to tarnish any individual’s goodwill.

What is the content of Popo and Rozi’s video viral on Twitter?

Followers of Popo and Rozi on Twitter, TikTok, and other networks desire to view the widely shared Rozi and Popo’s video clip, which have a runtime of about 28 seconds. The video is audible, and the conversation between Popo and Rozi is recorded.

They were on the bed while capturing a video and conversing, making the content popular and Viral On Reddit.

Do Popo and Rozi’s video content have explicit scenes?

Indecent acts are performed in the popular video clip of Popo and Rozi on Twitter. Popo interrupted the actions of Rozi by yelling that it was sufficient for Rozi.

Besides, Rozi instructed Popo to slap initially. Popo asked where and what and slapped her on the back. Popo grumbled because Rozi was unwilling to stop what he was doing. 

Why is Popo Twitter Trending?

On the internet, there is a lot of discussion about the growing number of Popo and Rozi video clips. These two are extremely well-known and frequently appear in search results on Twitter, Google, and other search engines, which has netizens wondering why they are prevalent.

Frequently, Rozi and Popo portray a married couple in their comedy video clips posted on Tiktok and other networks, where Rozi occasionally portrays the guy and Popo occasionally the lady; vice versa.

Is there any conflict between Popo and Rozi?

Popo Berbie makes a startling revelation. She had to acknowledge that Rozi, her collaboration, had harmed him. Popo described the embarrassing event that had occurred to him. Rozi’s harassing popo was shared on Twitter by the user @convomfs. It was also looked for on Telegram.

She acknowledges in the scene that he has been collaborating with Rozi for the entire time. He adds that Rozi has already been compensated and requested Popo make a payment rather than expressing gratitude to Rozy. Rozi has to follow, according to Popo, or he won’t be interested in co-produce any stuff.

Rozi stated that due to the size difference between his and Popo’s bodies, he wouldn’t ever dare to hurt Popo. The post was also searched on Instagram, but we could not locate it.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real names- Popo Berbie and Rozi
  • Profession- Content creators and social media influencers
  • Date of birth- Unknown
  • Personal details- Unknown

Social media links:



However, the content shown was illicit, making people search for it on Youtube. (Link placed in the conclusion).


Rozi and Popo, the social media influencers, were recently talked about due to the viral video. Both were engaged in a conversation, as shown in the video clip.  

Did you watch Rozi and Popo’s video? Share your views if you searched for this viral video.

Rozi Popo Viral Twitter Video: FAQs

Q1. Who are Rozi and Popo?

Rozi and Popo are social media celebrities.

Q2. What is Popo’s real name?

Popo Berbie

Q3. What is the relationship between Rozi and Popo?

Rozi and Popos collaborate to create content for the audiences.

Q4. Is Rozi and Popo’s video content good to watch?


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