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Rock Throwing Arrested- Read More on Suspects, & Murder

This article provides information about the Rock Throwing Arrested and tells the readers about the facts related to the case in detail.

Do you want to know about the culprits arrested for first-degree murder? News is getting viral about the 3 teenagers who are arrested and accused of throwing a landscape rock on the Colorado woman. The incident shocked everyone in the United States and other countries.

Therefore, let’s find out about the Rock Throwing Arrested culprits and know the whole story behind the incident in detail. So, let’s get started.


Who is arrested for the rock-throwing case?

Three high school seniors are arrested for the rock-throwing case that killed a 20-year-old woman driving on Indiana Street in the United States. According to the investigation report, Alexa Bartell lost control of the car when the rock hit her windshield. 

Details regarding the Rock Throwing Murder

The suspect’s names involved in the rock-throwing act are Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol- Chik and Zachary Kwak. They were arrested in Arvada from their homes for the murder of Alexa Bartell.

The police sheriff came forward with the news of their arrest and said they would be charged with first-degree murder. Also, the sheriff expressed her grief towards the young girl driving back home and getting involved in the accident. 

What are the reactions of Alexa’s parents?

The police informed Alexa’s parents about the incident and notified them about the suspect’s arrest at midnight. The Rock Throwing Suspects are responsible for Alexa’s death as the officials cleared that it is the rock that killed Alexa. 

Sheriff Kelly described the rock that dropped on the car’s windshield as 4-6 inches in size. She said that they are the large boulder landscaping rocks. Kelly said in the interview that Alexa’s parents are grateful for catching the culprit but still suffering from a great loss. 

More facts about the suspects 

The suspects are the high school students who studied in 12th grade. One of the suspects attends Ralston Valley High School, the other attends Standley Lake High School in Westminster, and the last attends online school. 

2 of the Jeffco Rock Throwing suspects are boys, and one is a girl. They will present in front of the court for the murder case on Thursday for their first hearing. The suspects were travelling in a Black Chevy Silverado 2016 model, but it is unclear who was driving the car. 

Are there any similar cases that happened before?

Sheriff Kelly recalled previous cases of throwing rocks from the top over the years, but nothing got serious. Unfortunately, things got serious this time, and the news was trending worldwide. 

The Rock Throwing Arrested culprits’ photos are getting viral on the internet. It is clear that, at present, they are in jail until they get bail from the court. 

What are the reactions of the netizens on the whole case?

Netizens are angry with the culprits and demand strict actions against them. As the incident gets viral, the police try hard to collect the evidence to present in court. The police said in the interview that they were able to catch the culprits because of cellphone forensics and information from the local people. 

However, police are confused about proving the first-degree murder in court. First-degree murder involves a motive, and in the present case, it is not clear whether the Rock Throwing Arrested is based on motive. 

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Final words 

With the culprits arrested, it becomes important for the police to collect and present the evidence in court. Click here for more information.

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Rock Throwing Arrested– FAQs

Q1. What is the weight of the rock that hit Alexa’s car?

A: The rock was around 3-5 pounds.

Q2. Are there any other injuries happened?

A: According to the police reports, Alexa is the only one injured and died. However, some of the cars got damaged as well.

Q3. What is the name of the Sheriff’s spokesperson?

A: Jacki Kelly.

Q4. Are the culprits behind bars?

A: Yes, the police arrested the culprits as soon as they got the information about them.

Q5. Are there any videos of Rock Throwing Arrested?

A: Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos available. 

Q6. When did the incident happen?

A: April 19th 2023.

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