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Rich Quack Crypto (Nov 2021) Prediction, How To Buy?

This Article tends to help the interested find out all the details regarding Rich Quack Crypto and whether the Coin is safe to invest in or not. Keep reading.

Are you a crypto investor? Do you want to get details of a trending crypto token? Well, investment in the Cryptocurrency world has increased at a higher pace. Especially the introduction of some new coins in the crypto world makes the investors invest more and more.

One of the trending meme coins these days is Rich Quack Cryptoand investors, especially from AustraliaFranceand the United States, are quite eager to start trading with this Coin. So keep reading this blog till the end to know more.

What is Rick Quack Coin?

The Rick Quack coin is one of the trending meme coins for now. The Rich Quack platform is a 100% deflationary token platform where 10% of it is built as a transaction fee, and it is a stealth-developed community-based platform. The 10%transaction fee on this platform is further distributed as 5%to the token holders in the form of Safe Auto Farm, and a further 5% is kept separately as Anti whale feature and Auto LP.

Who is the core developer/founder of Rich Quack Crypto?

The Rich Quack coin is quite trending as a meme coin mostly in the above-stated countries, but despite it being trending so much, the founder’s name for this Coin is Anonymous for now. The founder’s name hasn’t been revealed yet on the internet platforms.

The current price of this Coin

Today’s price for the meme coin is as follows:-

  • Price- $0.000000008928
  • 24 Hours low- $0.000000009196
  • 24 Hours High- $0.00000001548
  • 24 Hours volume- $47,924,850.73
  • Market Rank- #2734

What are the Price prediction and other statistics for Rich Quack Coin?

The Quack coin’s recent price is estimated to be $9.41, along with a 24 hours trading volume of $47,924,851. Also, the Rich Quack Crypto has been down by 29% within the last 24 hours.

Now let’s look at the future price listing of the Coin to get more clarity about this Cryptocurrency. In 2021 the price of the Coin is listed to be $0.0000000141; by 2022, the price is estimated to be $0.0000000165, and in 2023 the price will reach up to $0.0000000197. So the price for the Quack coin will keep increasing by every year, and by 2024 it may reach $0.0000000231.

Is Rich Quack Coin a good investment for the future?

As specified above, the price for one Quack coin is $9.41, with a max supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 Quack coins. Unfortunately, Rich Quack Crypto total and circulating supplies are not mentioned for now. The price for 1 Rich Quack coin in USD is 0, 0000000098 during typing this blog.

After going through the above details, the Coin seems to be a good investment for the future. Also, we always suggest that we conduct rigorous research by the buyers before purchasing this or any other crypto coins.

How and where to buy this Coin?

Interested buyers can easily get the Quack coin at PancakeSwap. Now let’s find out how to buy the Coin below:-

  • At first, the purchasers need to install Trust wallet or Metamask app to buy Rich Quack Crypto.
  • Then the interested investors have to buy BNB and transfer the Coin to the wallet.
  • After transferring the BNB, tap on the buy now option or the connect wallet button.
  • Next, mention the amount of BNB you want to swap and set the slippage for 12% to 13%.
  • Confirm your swapping and now start trading with Quack coin.

FAQ Section:-

Q1.What is the website link for this Coin?

Ans. The website link is https://www.richquack.com/.                             

Q2.Are the coins listed on Coinmarkepcap?

Ans. Yes, the interested crypto traders can easily find here the updates on Quack coin .

 Q3.What is the total supply of this Coin?

Ans. The Quack coin’s total supply is 100 Quadrillions.


The Rich Quack Crypto is presently considered one of the trending meme coins, and it is claimed to be a 100% deflationary token platform. Based on the analysis, the interested purchasers are suggested to go through all the details before buying this Coin; however, if you are interested to know about Bitcoin Scammer List 2021 the Tap here.

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