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Reporter Arrested East Palestine: Check Why Does East Palestine Reporter Arrested? Also Explore Complete Details On East Palestine Ohio Police

In the Reporter Arrested East Palestine news, we will cover the whole incident and let you know what happened with the reporter.

Have you heard the news of the arrest of one journalist in Ohio? What was he doing that led him to arrest? Wasn’t he behaving professionally? What do the police have to say about the whole incident?

The news of this arrest is from one of the states of the United States. According to the latest report, he has been released from custody. But the matter of the Reporter Arrested East Palestine spread like fire. Let us have a look at the whole incident.


What is the latest news?

There is a viral video about a NewsNation journalist, Evan Lambert, who was arrested while on his duty. However, he was released around 10:20 p.m. on Wednesday, the same night. 

It all happened when he was reporting during a press conference with the government regarding their cleanup efforts after a train derailed in a small Ohio community.  

What happened previously- why does East Palestine Reporter Arrested?

A Washington-based NewsNation journalist came over to Ohio to cover the train derailment incident. He was conducting a live report at the press conference of Mike DeWine, Ohio’s governor. The local police officials ordered Lambert to be quiet while the governor spoke. However, the Columbian County Jail reported that Lambert was arrested that day and accused of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.


All details gathered from online sources. We are not supporting and blaming anyone.

What is there in a viral video?

Multiple viral clips from that day’s incident show how he was arrested. In one of the videos, we see a Reporter Arrested East Palestine and walking handcuffed. At the same time, we can hear Lambert say that he was arrested because he showed what people should know through live reporting.

East Palestine Police Department uploads another 9-minute-long video about the arrest. According to this video, Lambert was loud during the conference, which is why they advised him to stop reporting. Ohio National Guard John Harris and state highway patrol stopped him.

What does DeWine, the Governor, have to say in all these?

Initially, the secretary said the governor could not see the incident due to a line of cameras. However, on East Palestine Ohio Police action, he said Lambert has the right to report, and they should have been permitted to do so.

Upon asking at the news conference, DeWine emphasized that he did not authorize the arrest. He, infact, extended an invitation to Lambert to interview him after his release.

He added if they were prevented from reporting in any manner, that is wrong and is not something he would support; in fact, he passionately disagrees with it. Also, he said he is definitely sorry for all that happened.


The news of the Reporter Arrested East Palestine is viral all over the internet. People are discussing the whole incident, and we have given the relevant information. You can watch the news of the arrest of the reporter here.

What is your opinion about the whole incident with the reporter? Please comment and let us know.

Reporter Arrested East Palestine- FAQs

Q1. When was the reporter arrested?

The NewsNation reporter was arrested on 8th February.

Q2. What is the name of the reporter?

The reporter’s name is Evan Lambert.

Q3. What happened to him?

He was arrested while on duty for live reporting. However, he was released late Wednesday night.

Q4. Where did he get arrested?

Reporter Arrested East Palestinewhen he was reporting a press conference on Wednesday.

Q5. Is there any video available?

Yes, multiple clips of the incident are available on the internet, which is now viral.

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