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Raul Conde Passed Away And Net Worth 2023: Details On Terror Squad, Age, And Cause of Death

What is Raul Conde Passed Away And Net Worth 2023? What is Terror Squad, Age, and Cause of Death? What Happened To him? 

What are the details for Raul Conde Passed Away And Net Worth 2023? Who is Raul Conde? How did Raul die? What is a Terror Squad? What is Raul’s net worth? People from the United States are heartbroken to hear about the Death of Terror Squad’s Raul Conde. Everyone is mourning his loss; let us read details about Raul.  

Raul Conde Passed Away And Net Worth 2023

Raul Conde has passed away on 22nd November 2023. He founded Terror Squad and is the father of Singer Erica’s eldest son. Raul was a much-loved artist and directed music videos for Terror Squad. His presence meant a lot to many. He has worked as a mentor for many artists and singers.

The exact Cause of Death has not been revealed. However, he has been suffering from an illness for a long time. Raul’s net worth is approximately $300,000, but these figures are not official. It is just an estimate provided in 2021. Raul was born on 29th July 1971, and his nationality was American. Not much personal details of Raul are known. 

What Happened To Raul?

Raul had been battling a severe illness for a long time, and on Wednesday, 22nd November, sadly, he left his friends and family. He was in a serious relationship with actress Erica Mena, and the couple gave birth to a son in 2007. His name is King Conde. But the couple decided to part ways for good in 2011.

Terror Squad members have always respected and enjoyed Raul’s company. The members are emotional and feel void after Raul left them. Members such as Fat Joe and DJ Khaled are mourning his loss. A significant chunk of Raul’s income was from directing the music videos of Terror Squad. ‘Lean Back’, the famous track from Terror Squad, was produced by Raul. 

What was the Age of Raul?

Raul Conde was 52 years old when he died. Everyone enjoyed his presence, and they also learned a lot from Raul as a hip-hop artist. The Terror Squad gave him the fame and attention that he deserved. Even today, after his death, all the members pay tribute to him and remember Raul for their good deeds. Fat Joe called Raul a brother that god had sent for him. 

The cause of Death has not been disclosed; Raul had always been a private person. He shared tiny details about his life. He always liked to keep his matters and relationships hidden like a gem. He had a great bond with his son King. King Conde is heartbroken beyond words to lose his father at such a young age. Erica even wrote on her social media about how big of a loss it is for his son. 

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Details About Terror Squad

Terror Squad is America’s Hip-Hop band, and it is very famous. A hip-hop group called Terror Squad first appeared in the late 1990s. Rapper Fat Joe assembled the group, featuring members Triple Seis, Big Pun, and Cuban Link. They became well-known thanks to their hit songs, including “Lean Back” and “Take Me Home.” 

Terror Squad was well-known for their upbeat, aggressive sound, frequently fusing Latin and reggaeton influences into their songs. Their debut album from 1999 Age, “The Album,” was well-received by critics and did well on the charts. Even after going through many changes over a few years, the band is still famous in the hip-hop industry.


In this article, we talked about What Happened To Raul Conde. Raul died on 22nd November 2023. His DeathDeath has shocked the world of hip-hop artists. He was the founder of Terror Squad. The reason behind Raul’s Death is not known. However, he was suffering from a chronic illness for a long time. His 16-year-old son, King Conde, is heartbroken. Many celebrities, including Erica Mena, DJ Khaled, etc, paid tribute to Raul through their social media accounts. If you wish to know more details about Raul Conde, click here.

Do you know Raul Conde? Please comment your tribute to the legendary hip-hop artist Raul below.  

Disclaimer: Personal details of Raul Conde were not available on the Internet.

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