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Rad Cripto (October 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you desire Rad Cripto to have a supportive and creative community? Then, know the latest facts about the coin here.

Have you ever seen a decentralized network that promotes code collaboration? We know that it may sound surprising to you. So, let us start our journey. 

The presence of trust in our life helps to collaborate with others by allowing people to work together. As a result, it will encourage people to feel safe, thereby causing communities to flourish. But, what happens when the same scenario is applied to gain some profit by trading cryptocurrencies? 

Today, we are going to introduce Rad Cripto, which is the most popular in Brazil. So, do check out the details here. 

What is RAD?

It is a distributed network used for code alliance; however, it provides a safe workplace to communicate with each other. Moreover, this network is based upon certain protocols to ensure safety. 

In addition, Radicle’s protocols encourage the team to share the codes without being dependent on other sites. It is an open-source network provided with smart contract systems. It is now regarded as the first open-source and independent network for software cooperation. 

Who is The Founder of Rad Cripto?

After reviewing this coin, we have studied that it is maintained by a foundation, which the following people lead:

Foundation Board

  • Alexis Sellier
  • Eleftherios Diakomichalis


  • Julien Donck
  • Ange Royall-Kahin
  • Rūdolfs Ošiņš
  • Kim Altintop
  • Igor Żuk
  • Thomas Scholtes
  • Alexander Simmerl
  • Fintan Halpenny
  • Abbey Titcomb
  • Brandon Oxendine

Features of RAD

Specifications  Description 
Self-structured  It provides a complete free source to work with full availability. 
Supportive community  It offers funding from the community to increase your product’s value.
Collaborate peer-to-peer You easily share your code with the entire community without any trust issues.
Codebases management on-chain The Rad Cripto team manages the control access with smart contracts to avoid failure. 

Coin’s Live Price 

As per the data gathered, we have detected that this cryptocurrency possesses a live price of $18.53, with a circulating supply of 19,436,287.74 RAD.

Market Rank and Other Statistical Data 

  • The market rank of this coin is #234.
  • Coin’s total supply is 99,999,210.
  • RAD’s 7-day low is $8.35
  • Its fully diluted market cap is $1,867,419,329.
  • The 24-hour volume of RAD is $766,790,109.43.
  • The market cap of Rad Cripto is $362,958,373.
  • Its 7-day high is $26.60.
  • The all-time high of RAD is $27.35.
  • The max supply of the coin is 99,999,620.
  • Coin’s all-time high is $3.78.
  • Its circulating supply is 19,436,287.74 RAD.

How Can Worldwide Traders Buy This Coin?

The top exchanges for Radicle are Coinbase Exchange, ZT, Huobi Global, Binance, and Mandala Exchange. However, there are several other platforms, such as KuCoin, where you can exchange Rad Cripto

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Official Website of Radicle?

A1. https://radicle.xyz is the official website of the token. 

Q2. What is the Contract Address of RAD?

A2. The contract is 0x31c8eacbffdd875c74b94b077895bd78cf1e64a3.

Q3. How to buy this coin?

A3. Several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, ZT, Mandala Exchange, are available where you can easily trade the coin. Visit here for more information on the coin


Thus, this article has helped us determine the in-depth details of Rad Cripto with its live price. In addition, we have also detected that it is an open-source network with a motive to grow the community. 

However, this post has revealed that this coin has several features, including a Supportive community to help beginners. Also, we have elaborated the steps for trading it from different exchange platforms. Learn here if you’re hunting for how to buy cryptocurrency

What do you feel about the coin? Kindly write to us through commenting below. 

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