Quikr Coin {June} Regarding Old Coin Sale using web!

Quikr Coin {June} Regarding Old Coin Sale using web!

Quikr Coin {June} Regarding Old Coin Sale using web!>> Are you planning to sell old series coins online? Then I must read this interesting article.

Many people in the World have a hobby of collecting old coins. Although these coins are no longer in circulation and is of no use, such coins are now in demand in India. People can now quickly earn money by selling these coins on many websites.

Here in this article, we will tell you about Quikr Coin‘s news and how this news is grabbing many people’s attention all over the country.

Let’s begin.             

What Is Quikr?

Quikr is a website or an online portal in India based in Bangalore. The Quikr company was founded in 2008 by Pranay Chulet, Jiby Thomas. The site is a well-known online platform where many people post free ads of their used products, offer services and sell apartments, and search for jobs over this portal.

There is a Quikr App and website access from where you can try posting your stuff in an advertising firm.

What Are Quikr Coin? 

If you are a Quikr user, you might have seen many ads of old coins on sale at a well-rated price. These coins are in the news as Quikr Coins; many are in a line to purchase and sell these coins. These coins are old 2 Rupees, 5 Paise, 1 Rupee, 25 Paise and many different coins in circulation during the 21st century.

What Is the Price of Old Coin?         

Old coins are priced from 10 thousand to 10 Lakhs. Prices such as Rs.2 coin is rated Rs. 5 lakhs, Rs. 1 coin are worth Rs. 9 lakh and Rs 10 Note is priced Rs. 25,000. 

If you have this rare collection of Quikr Coins in your piggy bank, start posting by taking pictures of these coins and uploading them in the add section on the Quikr website.

The Price of Coins are Real?

Yes, the prices are unbelievable, and over the website, we found these prices mentioned along with the pictures of coins. This opportunity is best to make money just by sitting at home.  

The Coin are sold if they are old series and are on the classified advertisement platform of Quikr. The prices of these coins are hard to believe, and we wonder who will buy these coins?

Reviews About Coin Sell:

Quikr Coin website Quikr.com is an old site. The customers said that after posing ads, initially, people get a call from the company to make a premium payment amount of Rs. 2000 by which they will post these Coin ads in public view and on the top of the page. They promise to do that, but they won’t, and they purposely ask you to put the high price so that you never get buyers.

People also said that coin’s ads are a scam. The company wants people to become a member of the premium plan and ask for cash later cheat you. To know more click here

Final Verdict:

After discussing Quikr Coin, we found that posting coins adds are no worth with returns. So, we advise you to do your amount of research regarding coin sale before involving in it. Have you tried posing Coin ads on Quikr? If yes, do share your experiences with us.

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