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Quickheal Inc Scam: What Is Partner Portal? Check The Legitimacy Here!

To read our blog on collecting data on whether it Is a Quickheal Inc Scam and learn about the Quickheal Partner Portal.

Did you hear about the Quick Heal scam? This scam has trapped many people in the United States, and many victims have reported it. This kind of scam is rising, and we need to offer our readers knowledge about it. So, here we will deeply study the Quickheal Inc ScamLet’s read the following information.

What is Quickheal Inc Scam?

Quick Heal PayPal scammers invite victims to validate their personal information or account through an official-looking email. Dear PayPal Customer, this is the subject line, which appears to be an authentic email. Additionally, it includes a.html file as a supplementary file.

The message deceives recipients by claiming they added another email address to their PayPal account. Additionally, the email gives the impression that the user can preserve his old email address and recover his payment account with PayPal by uploading and filling out the included questionnaire.

Quickheal Inc Scam occurs when the user accesses the.html file, a fake “PayPal my account” page appears and prompts them to enter private and sensitive data, including their full name, telephone number, information about their credit card, etc. 

 Should the data be uploaded, con artists will receive it and utilize it for illicit purposes. Hence, please contact your bank immediately if you were duped into providing a credit card or other banking details. The details about this scam have been posted on Facebook.

Let’s read the Quickheal Partner Portal detail here-

Quick Heal technologies Limited produced the tools app Quick Heal Partner Portal. June 2018 marked the release of the APK. The software has been downloaded approximately 890 times in the past 30 days.

To check the authenticity of the portal-

  • This domain was created in June 2018.
  • It may stop its services by 2025.
  • We are unable to find its trust count.
  • This portal possesses a trust index that is 58.1%.
  • The phishing treat and malware score are missing.
  • Its physical address is missing, which raises the question of whether Quickheal Inc Scam.
  • Customers can write their issues at 
  • If you have any queries, you can call its toll-free number, which is 1800 121 7377

Pros of the portal-

  • The portal is too old and so well-known among its users.
  • It is promoting itself on social media.
  • We found mixed reviews from its client.
  • Valid HTTPS found.
  • Any blocklist engine does not detect it.

Cons of the portal-

  • The portal lacks in trust count.
  • No valid physical address is maintained.
  • The name of its owner is missing.

Focused on Quickheal Partner Portal

This portal promotes itself on social media, so we found the most positive feedback here. Clients are happy with its services.

However, we are another online reviewing site with clients on other sites. Most clients are happy because it is readily available to install without paying any charges. But know here- How to save yourself from Credit Crad Scams.

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Our study to know whether it Is a Quickheal Inc Scam reveals that it lacks trust count and many other essential details are missing. Many users have reported scams, so we are not recommending them, and they need more study. Click here- (). Read about- How to get a Refund from PayPal if Scammed.

Have you ever faced an email or text message scam? Please tell us in the comment section.

Disclaimer- We are not promoting any app or portal. Our motto is only to create awareness among readers.

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