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[Watch Video] Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

What is Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal? What is his Age? Which video is trending on TiktokInstagramYoutubeTelegram, and Twitter? Check Here!

What are the details of Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal? Who is Prince Adrian Dagdag? Why is going viral on social media? Which video of Prince Adrian going viral on social media? Netizens from Philippines and the United States are trying to fetch details on Prince Adrian. Let us read the details. 

Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal

A video has surfaced in which Prince can be seen in between a fight. It was alleged that Prince Adrian was involved in a verbal fight with another person. The incident happened in a nightclub. The nightclub is famous and located in Manila. As per further details, the reason behind the brawl has yet to be revealed.

The video fight on Tiktok does not have a clear voice. Thus, no one can guess anything from the video apart from the identity of the person. It is also unknown whether it was Adrian’s fight or someone else’s in which Prince was involved. People are wondering about a lot of things on social media.

Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video And Scandal

What is Prince Adrian Dagdag Age?

As per sources, Adrian was born on October 16th 1999. Thus, Adrian is 24 years old now. He has been born in the Philippines. Thus, his nationality is Filipino, and the details of his birth city are unknown. He is a famous personality in the Philippines, and people know him.

His Instagram account is also popular on social media. He has mentioned his professional details as a Blogger. He is very famous for his content and more for his looks. People describe him as a gentle, handsome and dapper-looking guy. Most of his followers on social media are girls. He is famous among females.

What is Prince Adrian Dagdag Age

Youtube & More Details On Prince Adrian Dagdag

Adrian also has a YouTube channel. We will also provide the link to his channel in the last paragraph before the conclusion part. He has 489 thousand subscribers on his YouTube account. He has uploaded 597 videos to date. 

He Joined Youtube on March 25th 2019, and he has a total of 11,33,12,559 views on his channel. Adrian posts videos and shorts on his channel. He covers lifestyle travel and all types of different aspects of his life on his channel. Prince tries to connect with his audience in a more relatable manner than any blogger could have done. He also often collaborates with different artists.

Youtube & More Details On Prince Adrian Dagdag

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Social Media Such as Twitter & More 

There is an account on the X (formerly known as Twitter) that looks like Adrian’s official account. However, the problem is that the account has not been active since 2022. It was made in July 2020 with the username ‘iamadriandagdag.’ It is similar to his Instagram username. Thus, we assumed it to be his official account.

Adrian’s Telegram account is not available. We have searched for his account on this platform, but we have yet to find any. His X account has also between an inactive since July 30th 2020. Thus, we will not provide a link to his X account in the below paragraph. 

Tiktok & More Social Media Details About Prince Adrian 

Prince is on TikTok, and he has 12.5 million followers on his account. He has over 230 million likes, and netizens love his content on that platform. He is one of the biggest influencers on social media. Let us know the links to his social media profiles.

Instagram Account Link: 

Adrian has 212 thousand followers on his Instagram and follows just 136 people. He has uploaded 300 posts and several reels. 

YouTube Channel Link

Facebook Account Link

Adrian has 2.9 million followers on his Facebook page. He follows zero people on Facebook. His page has got 5 on 5-star reviews. 


We have discussed details on Prince Adrian Dagdag Age & more details about the famous Filipino social media influencer. He was recently involved in a controversy. A video involving his and another person’s fight has gone viral. The incident happened at a famous nightclub in Manila. People are talking about it, but he has not reacted. For more details about Prince Adrian, visit here.

Do you know Prince Adrian’s Twitter account? Please comment if you need anything.

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