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Prankster Mizzy Tiktok: What Is Prankster Mizzy Real Name? Also Check People Reaction On Twitter And Reddit

The article on Prankster Mizzy TikTok details the TikTok prankster who landed into trouble with an absurd prank.

Do you know Mizzy Prankster? What is Mizzy’s real name? Why is Mizzy under scrutiny on social media platforms? Have you watched any of Mizzy’s online Prank content? Details about Prankster Mizzy TikTok have been discussed in this article. People from the United StatesCanada, the United Kingdom, and India want to know what type of prank the prankster did recently.

Breaking into a Stranger’s House Prank

Mizzy Prankster had always been known for his wild pranks, but his latest stunt took things too far. As a joke, he broke into a stranger’s home to get likes and attention on social media. He walked into a house, where the gate was slightly open and even sat on the couch. This incident raises important questions about the line between harmless pranks and criminal behaviour and the potential consequences of disregarding that line.

Disclaimer: We could not fetch the original prank video’s link because all accounts of Mizzy have been deactivated. 

What Prankster Mizzy Say?

While searching for a house to break into, he entered a house where the main door was partially open, and the woman was out on the patio doing some cleaning. When the woman saw him walking into the house, she called out for James (we assumed here that James was her husband). 

When Mizzy walked into the house, James came down and asked him to leave as they had got kids in the house. In the video, the background voice can be heard someone calling ‘daddy.’ But after all this, Mizzy even sat on the couch, and his two more friends were with him. 

What is Netizens’ Opinion on Twitter

No one found the prank harmless and funny; many openly criticized Mizzy for trespassing and invading someone’s privacy. Nevertheless, the incident sparked a debate between harmless pranks and unacceptable behaviour.

The prank, which was recorded and uploaded to his TikTok account, quickly went viral and received hatred from viewers. No one found it hilarious because everyone thought it was inappropriate and disrespectful to the homeowners.

Details About Mizzy Prankster

Bacari Ogarro, also known as Mizzy Prankster, have emerged following the recent prank that has him on the police radar for breaking into a house. As per Reddit, Police are after him and want to arrest him as soon as possible. The 18-year-old Hackney, London teenager has gained infamy as a TikTok prankster. 

Despite the criticism, Ogarro is happy that his content is becoming widely popular and does not care about getting infamous or receiving hate comments. All he wants to gain through his bizarre and disrespectful pranks is reach. He even claimed that Mizzy is facing racism. As per sources, his pranks easily offend people because he is not white-skinned. Many people are trying to search for Prankster Mizzy TikTok, but the account has been suspended after the breaking into the house video was posted.


Mizzy is a TikTok prankster from London, UK, and a content creator on social media. He is a self-proclaimed prankster and pranks people in a very disrespectful manner. Most of his pranks are not funny, harmful, and disrespectful towards others. And then, when people call him out for his bizarre pranks, he says people treat him differently because of his dark skin colour. Click here for more details.

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Must Read Updates on Prankster Mizzy TikTok: FAQs

Q1. Who is Mizzy Prankster?

A1. He is a British teenager who pranks people on the streets of London in the worst way possible.

Q2. What did Mizzy recently do?

A2. Mizzy has caught himself in trouble because he broke into a stranger’s house on the pretext of searching for a study group as a prank.

Q3. What were the consequences of Mizzy’s recent controversy?

A3. The consequencesConsequence of his recent prank is that now, the police are after him, and they want to arrest him. 

Q4. Has Mizzy Prankster got arrested?

A4. Details about the arrest have not been made public by the authorities. Sources claim that Mizzy has not been arrested.

Q5. What Is Prankster Mizzy’s real name?

A5. Prankster Mizzy’s real name is Bacari Ogarro, and he is Eighteen. 

Q6. Where is Mizzy from?

A6. Mizzy is from Hackney, London.

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