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Pos Malaysia Scam Sms: What Is Kode Selangor Tracking Number? And Know More On Berhad!

This article will take you through the POS Malaysia Scam SMS and related Tracking Numbers, Berhad, Kode, and Selangor details.

Did you hear about the POS Malaysia scam? This SMS scam is going viral all over the internet. People from Worldwide are aware of SMS scams, but this scam has made people worried about losing their money.

If you want to know the case in detail, we have got you back through this article about POS Malaysia Scam SMS, so stay tuned till the last to get all the wind.

What is POS Malaysia Scam SMS

A person named KEN, aka Ruffleseed shared a screenshot on their Twitter profile alerting the people about an SMS scam he received on his mobile number. He received the shared SMS on his mobile number with the name of Postal Malaysia. Scammers mentioned that the parcel belonged to KEN, and they could not deliver it because of the wrong delivery address and Kode POS Selangor Malaysia.

The reattempt of delivery and charge will be on KEN. With this message, they attached a link below and asked them to change their address and make a new delivery request within 12 hours of receiving the SMS to ignore unnecessary damage to the parcel. According to Ruffleseed’s statement, the SMS was too realistic.

What is POS Malaysia Scam SMS

What does POS Malaysia Berhad say about the scam?

When Ruffleseed posted the screenshot on his Twitter profile alerting others about the SMS, Twitter users never circulated the post seeking an answer from POS Malaysia Berhad. Soon, POS Malaysia addressed this topic, made an official Twitter post, and tagged Ruffleseed. They firstly thanked them for addressing this issue.

POS Malaysia Berhad confirmed that the SMS people receive are scam SMS from scammers. They advised people to discard the message they have received and not click the link or share any information after the official news; people are now more alerted but some people already fell for the scam similar to this one.

What does POS Malaysia Berhad say about the scam

Information on POS Malaysia Tracking Number Ruffleseed Tweet

Ruffleseed explained what they went through when they received the SMS. They said when he received the SMS, it seemed genuine and authentic as before this incident, he had received OTPs several times and had received flight delay updates, so it was a shock for him that he was constantly receiving the details from the scammers’ side.

When Ruffleseed clicked the POS Malaysia Tracking Number link and updated his address with another delivery request, the link took him to the next page where he got the pop of paying RMI.37 with the section where they had to fill in the details of his credit card to initiate the payment. He found things suspicious and took the initiative to post the incident on Twitter to get help from the official Pos Malaysia.

Netizens Confessions to the Kode POS Selangor Malaysia Scam Link

Some people were relieved that the delivery company sorted the issue quickly, but the same SMS Scam has already scammed some people. A person commented that his friend received the same SMS on 23 January, and he fell for it, so what can he do?

Others said they received the same SMS but not from POS Malaysia Berhad from a different company. Still, he ignored the message, and soon, the same day, he received his package without updating his address or paying the extra amount so, it was confirmed that the scammers were doing the same scam with different numbers. People who fell for this scam are advised to report to the bank if they have money deductions. Click here to safeguard yourself from PayPal Scams.

Netizens Confessions to the Kode POS Selangor Malaysia Scam Link

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People are advised not to click on POS Malaysia Scam Sms as it is fake and people can lose money. POS Malaysia has suggested people not click on the link and delete the SMS if they received it. Check this link to be secure from Credit and Debit card scams.

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Disclaimer- This article intends to share information about the scam and alert people without defaming any courier company. All the information we have shared in this article is available on the internet, and we do not misguide the readers with our content.

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