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Polker Crypto (Nov 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

This news writing states details about Polker Crypto, its price, and other important information about this crypto coin.

Are you also looking for the details and valuable information that can help you know how you can trade in the different crypto coins? As digital investing and currency boom these days, every person is willing to invest in cryptocurrency to know better about it and get maximum benefit. 

In this news writing, you will get all the details, including the price, statistics, buying process, and every small detail of Polker Crypto, the coin popular Worldwide.

About Polker Coin

Polker Coin, also known as PKR, is one of the most popular cryptos made to help crypto investors play, audit, create, and analyze different games in the crypto world. The crypto is officially part of NFT.

This is also available for trading on all the websites and lives for all the crypto traders. This crypto works on the main principles, which are fairness, diversity, transparency, and versatility.

Founders Of The Coin

The founders of the coin are owned by the team of master ventures, including many people who proposed Polker Crypto the idea behind it and made it live. The Co-founder and Managing Director’s name is Conor Thacker, and other team details you may check at the official site.

Today’s Price Of The Coin

The coin’s price states how the value of the coin in per day trading changes; the coin price helps you know if you want to trade in them or not. 

For example, the price of the Polker coin today is $0.4703, which is low than its original price, which will help you to know if you are willing to trade in the coin or not.  

Statistics About The Coin

The statistics of the coin are mentioned here:

  • Price of Polker Crypto – $0.4703
  • Price change value of the coin- 11.53%
  • The 24-hour trading value of the coin- $13,285,446.80- 12.63%
  • The market rank of the crypto is – # 816
  • The market dominance of the coin- 0.00%
  • Last chance in the coin- -12.87%
  • Circulating supply of the coin- 57,887,668 PKR coins are available

The above statistics will help you to know better about the coin and help you to know if you want to get the coin or not. You can check other details on any official website. 

How to Buy Polker Crypto?

If you are looking to buy this crypto coin, then you follow the following steps and buy this crypto coin:

  • First, you need to go on the website of Fiat-to-crypto, which is a crypto exchange website. 
  • Now register on this website 
  • To buy the Polker coin, first, you need to buy ETH with the money you added in Fiat. 
  • Now you can transfer the purchased ETH to an Altcoin which is again an exchange process. 
  • Now deposit ETH for exchanging. 
  • Now start trading Polker coin. 
  • Now store Polker securely in wallets, and now you will be able to trade in the crypto.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of this crypto?

A1. The official website of Polker Crypto is https://pkr.io/.

Q2. What is the contract address of the coin?

A2. The contract address of Polker is 0x001a8ffcb0f03e99141652ebcdecdb0384e3bd6c.

Q3. What is today’s price of the token?

A3. Today’s price of Polker is $0.4703

The Final Thoughts 

The coin price is quite unstable for now, it is not stably going high or low, but a fluctuated performance has been displayed. Therefore, we advise you to avoid investing in the coin for now. Visit here to learn more about the price and statistics details of the coin.

Please share your views about the Polker Crypto in the comment section with us. If you want to trade in crypto, then learn some best crypto to trade here.

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