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[Watch] Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter: Know About Pokimane Open Shirt Accident, Also Check If Viral Clip Is Available On Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram, And Instagram

This article about Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter will help you know about Pokimane viral video and how she handles it.

On 15 November, while doing a broadcast, Pokimane had to suffer a wardrobe malfunction due to which she is suddenly being searched a lot.

Do you know what happened in the malfunction? Are you aware of who it is, Pokimane? Do you know what is in the viral video? People all over the United States, and Canada are searching for this news. Read this article till the end to know all about the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter.


What is in the viral video?

Pokimane is famous on various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and twitch, having a lot of followers there. She performed live broadcasts many times, like this one which she did on 15 November.

On 15 November 2022, she is doing the broadcast as usual and goes away from the live stream for some minutes and then returns with a wardrobe malfunction in which her button was open. Her breasts could be visible to the audience in that Pokimane Open Shirt Accident.


We couldn’t provide the link on Twitter as it is not suitable for some audiences and contains explicit content.

Why is Pokimane trending all over?

Pokimane is already famous through her gaming and live stream videos, which she makes regularly. she suddenly is trending all over due to the viral video, which exposed her a bit from the top as accidentally her button was left unbuttoned. 

The live stream can be recorded, and people record it while Pokimane removes the video from her side. Fans recorded the Clip Viral On Tiktok and other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Soon after the video went viral, they were directed to be removed from many social media platforms. Hence, we need help seeing the clips on famous social media platforms.

People are sharing the link from third-party sites on social media for people to access them, so it is clear that the video is present but not on commonly known sites.

Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter – who is pokimane?

The full name of Pokimane is Imani Pokimane Anys. She is known for her content created on social media platforms like twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. She is a Moroccan-Canadian 26-year-old girl.

Pokimane, in her early life, used to study chemical engineering. Still, after seeing the competition in the field, she dropped it and got into this content creation. She streamed on twitch full-time and made videos on YouTube and TikTok. Pokimane has three channels on YouTube on which she makes gaming video, ASMR video, and vlogging. 

 Reddit link: Pokimane wardrobe malfunction:


 Reddit link Pokimane wardrobe malfunction

Links from many sites are directed to be removed, so you may need help finding them. You can check the link on Reddit provided in this article, in which you can see that the link has been removed from the site. you can also check Facebook link provided for more information.

Additional information:

Instead of the video going viral, fans still appreciate pokimane for her calmness while handling the situation. She doesn’t get into the hustle and bustle and stays calm when she notices her wardrobe malfunction and fixes it calmly. Fans appreciate her behaviour in handling this challenging situation of Pokimane Open Shirt Video Twitter with such ease.

Social media links:

Reddit link

Facebook link


Pokimane, a famous personality on different platforms, got viral due to her wardrobe malfunction, which took place on 15 November while doing a live stream. For more information about pokimane, visit this link.

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Pokimane viral on Telegram -FAQs:

Q1. When did the malfunction take place?

The malfunction took place on 15 November 2022.

Q2. Where can the leaked video be found?

There is no surety about the videos as they have been directed to remove from everywhere.

Q3. Did she pause her work for some time after that viral leak?

No, she is being praised a lot as she is a strong-willed woman and doesn’t let her viral video come between her work. She posts like she used to.

Q4. What is the full name of Pokimane? 

Her full name is Imani Pokimane Anys.

Q5. How did her shirt get unbuttoned suddenly in that Instagram viral video?

This is not known and is still a mystery for us to know.

Q6. How many YouTube channels does she have?

Pokimane has a total of three channels. On the first, she uploads gaming videos; on the second, she uploads ASMR videos; and on the third channel, she uploads her daily vlogs.

Q7. What is pokimane being praised for? 

She is being praised for her calmness in that situation and how politely she handled it.

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