Pathfund Crypto Coin (June) Token Price, How To Buy!

Pathfund Crypto Coin (June) Token Price, How To Buy!

Pathfund Crypto Coin (June) Token Price, How To Buy! >> This is a complete review article on a well-doing cryptocurrency. It has made many people rich within a day.

Do you want to know about a cryptocurrency that gained over 100% in its price? Are you looking forward to capitalizing on crypto tokens?

In this article, we are going to tell you about Pathfund Crypto Coin. The $PATH has gained a lot of popularity in the United States after it seemed unusual growth in its price within a couple of hours. It is amongst the top cryptocurrency gains we have seen in the last couple of months.

A Short Note on Path Fund

Path fund crypto token is a BSC platform-based Defi currency with a sustaining project that gives 3% redistribution to its holder from every transaction.  Thus, 3% of each transaction made (like buying or selling the token) goes into the liquidity pool and another 3% to the funding wallet.  

Pathfund Crypto Coin goes by the $PATH name or just PATH cryptocurrency. According to their official website, Pathfund Crypto’s goal is to be a reliable launchpad that also sponsors the schemes it presents with funds for advertising movements.

Cryptocurrency experts say that the project tends not to bear any trouble in finding investors or funding in large advertising campaigns. 

Within a day, the volume of Pathfund token has almost quadrupled. 

About Pathfund Crypto’s Team

The Pathfund crypto project is developed in Europe by a specialist team. The team of the Pathfund Crypto Coin consists of people having backgrounds like IT, Public Relationships, Finance, and Marketing, making it a dream team scenario. 

The Price, Supply, and Other Stats

  • The current price of Pathfund crypto is $0.0000000062 per $PATH. It is 90% up than yesterday.
  • The current Market Cap of Pathfund coin is not available at the moment. But, the diluted Market cap is $6,284,212.
  • The 24-hour volume change in Pathfund is $587,344, which is a 360% increased since yesterday.
  • The maximum supply of Pathfund coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  • According to the statistics, given the same conditions, the predicted growth of Pathfund Coin is – Up to 317% in 7 days and up to 310% in 14 days.

How to Buy the Pathfund Crypto Coin?

  1. First, Download Trust Wallet or any equivalent Crypto Trading app.
  2. Buy BNB or BSC cryptocurrency tokens on a conversation like Binance or Coinbase. 
  3. Withdraw the BNB in your Trust Wallet. Go to Smart Chain to receive it. 
  4. Copy your wallet address. Now return to the Binance application and then paste the address that you copied, back in the Receiver’s BNB address. Subsequently, handover it into the Trust Wallet. 
  5. Clack on the ‘Pancakeswap’ in the Trust Wallet application or on the browser. For buying Pathfund Crypto Coin, mention the amount that you want to transform into $PATH from BNB. 
  6. In currency field, paste 0x9974f4e6ff49ac39469928e5d7cca3e8649ae6b8.
  7. Click on Swap and Voila! 


  • Can you mine the Pathfund Crypto?

Answer – Not yet, but soon enough you will be able to.

  • What is the official website link of Pathfund Crypto?

Answer – To visit the official website, click on – 

  • Is Pathfund Coin safe?

Answer – Yes, it is a safe and verified crypto token. 


After looking at all the details mentioned above, it is more than clear that the Pathfund Crypto Coin has great potential. We saw how to invest in it, and also all the crucial details such as its price and stats. 

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is risky, and we hope you understand that. Here is What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

Is there any crypto coin you have invested in it? Comment down below.

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