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Parkway Ocean Accident: When Did The Car Crash Happen? Check Full Incident Details

This article on Parkway Ocean Accident explains the accident that happened in the Parkway Ocean. It also provides details about the people who lost their lives. 

Where did the car crash happen? How many people lost their lives? When the accident occurred? Why did the car leave the road? Did you get anything about the car crash? The incident occurred in the United States, and the people are eager to know the data about the car crash. Get more details by reading Parkway Ocean Accident.  


When did the Car crash happen?    

During the early morning of Sunday, May 14, 2023, tragedy struck when a fatal car crash happened on the Ocean Parkway in the Suffolk County town of Babylon. Per reports, a State Trooper responded just before 10:30 AM to the accident. During the accident, a 2013 Custom Assembly Convertible veered off the road and hit the guide wire east of Cedar Beach while travelling eastbound on the Ocean Parkway. As a result, the driver Daniel Fabrizio, aged 58, and the passenger named, Diane Seghposs, aged 58, both residents of Smithtown, died in Car Crash from injuries they sustained.

Who visited the spot after the car crash?

Immediately following the accident, the Forensic Identification Unit (FIU), the Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) and the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) arrived on the scene to investigate and gather evidence. There is no indication of what caused the crash, but authorities are asking anyone with details to move forward and help with their investigation. 

People can reach the Department of State Police’s hotline at (631) 756-3300 and leave any details they may have. Is Ocean Parkway? Is the question arising from the people? Additional details will be made accessible when it becomes known while these inquiries are still ongoing. 

Tributes for the victims

 Families and relatives of the victims are in shock and grief as a result of the disaster, and everyone in town is in shock over the awful events. The authorities have offered their sympathies to the impacted families and pledged to take all reasonable steps to determine the reason for the accident and provide them with closure. More information about Parkway Ocean Accident is explained in the article.

There was no information about why the car left the road. Investigations are ongoing by the police department, and the number was provided to the public so that people who ever know the inputs can be shared. 

Two people died in the accident. One is the person driving the car, and the other is the co-passenger. Their ages were around 58. But the exact reason for the crash was not disclosed. People are showing their sorrows on many social media platforms. 

Parkway Ocean Accident

After hearing the news about the incident, a few people are in shock. The incident happened on Sunday in the early hours. Immediately after the incident police department reached the place and started the investigation. More information will be provided once the details are gathered about the car crash.

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The details about Parkway Ocean Accident are provided in the article. The names of the people who died and their respective ages are mentioned.

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As per online sources, as they travelled east of Cedar Beach on Ocean Parkway, two Smithtown residents were killed in a car crash. Injuries sustained at the scene led to the deaths of Daniel Fabrizio, 58, and Diane Seghposs, 58. Investigations are ongoing by the police department. Get more information about Parkway online.

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Parkway Ocean Accident- FAQ

Q1. How many people died in the car crash?

Two people lost their lives in the car crash.

Q2. Did you know anything about the people who died?

Daniel Fabrizio, 58, and Diane Seghposs, 58, died at the scene due to injuries sustained in the accident. Daniel was the driver’s name, and Diane was the co-passenger.

Q3. Did the police department provide any number to give details?

631-756-3300 is the number that state police are asking anyone who saw the crash to contact them.

Q4. When did the crash occur?

The car crash occurred on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Q5. What was the reason for the vehicle to leave?

The reason for the vehicle’s departure from the road was not immediately clear.

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