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Pandainu Wallet Token (Aug) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Go through the article to know about Pandainu Wallet Token and details of the current market price.

The world of crypto never has a dull moment, and honestly, there is always one thing or another popping. The ever-revolving doors of Cryptocurrency may make it seem like a hard place to find stability because there is always a new deal in the market that seems like the next big hotshot.

So, the question is, how does one keep up? Well, worry not because we got our readers Worldwide covered. We make sure to bring the latest news in the crypto world and currently its Pandainu Wallet Token. So, shall we jump right into the details?

All About This Cryptocurrency 

The Pandainu is a meme token that is yet to be launched on the Binance Smart chain or BSC platform. However, according to the website, it will be the First Decentralized Finance System Worldwide.

According to the sources, the venture aims to unify the ecosystems that are part of the system into a protocol of decentralized finance blockchain. This process of unification will bring transparency and accessibility to the people involved in the system. Furthermore, it is claimed to be the safest in the Defi world and supports Etherconnect and EIFI.

Pandainu Wallet Token Founder Details 

The search for the founder of this crypto token took us to no particular names. It could be because the crypto token is yet to be launched. The information as of now about the team is that it is a community-driven Dapp token that is developed by the Etherconnect team.

The Price of the Token 

The token’s current price is hard to estimate as we mentioned it is yet to be launched. However, we were able to find that the price of 1 Pandainu is $0.292462 in the market.

Market Cap and Other Statistical Details 

As we dig deeper into Pandainu Wallet Tokenwe came across the statistical value about the token that may interest the individuals looking to buy this crypto token. Following are the values:

  • The symbol that is used for this crypto token is PWT.
  • The PWT has yet to have any market rank as it is not yet out in the market. 
  • The market cap of the PWT crypto token is $137,643,794,772. 
  • According to the sources, the crypto token has a total supply of 475,000,000,000 PWT. 
  • The Pandainu token also has 9,349 holders so far. 
  • Also, the additional information about the Pandainu Wallet Token is that it has $0.002500 as its listing price. 

The Steps for Buying It

Now that we are preparing ourselves with all the information on the crypto token, it makes sense to know about the steps to buy it. Hence, for all the interested individuals who would love to purchase this token as soon as it hits the market, here’s what you have to do:

  • The individuals can currently participate in the presale by registering themselves with the Etherconnect platform.
  • After the registration on the Etherconnect platform, purchase $50 worth of Etherconnect tokens or ECC. 
  • With Etherconnect tokens or ECC, you will be able to buy Pandainu Wallet Token


Q1. When is the expected listing of the PWT? 

A1. According to the sources, the expected listing month for the PWT token is September or October of 2021. 

Q2. Is there a contract address available for the Pandainu Token?
A2. Yes, there is a contract address available for the Pandainu Token and that is 0xf3edd4f14a018df4b6f02bf1b2cf17a8120519a2. 

Q3. What is the official URL for the website of the PWT token?
A3. The official URL for the website is found to be https://pandainu.io/.


The Pandainu Token is a very new pre-launch token that is creating a buzz. It is said to be the safest in the world of meme tokens by the developers. The looks of the preparation that went into the Pandainu Wallet Token looks efficient and well-planned venture. However, trusting anything blindly without your foresight and research is not advisable. Read more about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency by visiting here.

Are you excited to see how Pandainu Token will flourish in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Moreover, find out more about meme tokens and coins by reading here.

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