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Optimism Coin Price {June} Check Price & Prediction!

Do you know the latest information on Optimism Coin Price? Kindly read this post to adapt relative strings to this token. 

Have you been locating the genuine threads to the Optimism Token, popular in the United States? If you are curious to find the updated clues of this coin, please observe the underlying sections religiously. 

The popularity of any crypto depends on its special features, reliability, and transparency. Also, traders often look for cryptocurrencies with a bright future ahead. Nowadays, people discuss a token on social media platforms declaring to provide gains. So, if you desire to assemble the strings to Optimism Coin Price, kindly read this writing. 

Describing The Coin 

According to sources, Optimism is an Ethereum- based platform that permits the holders to avail the perks of safer transactions. Moreover, the source expressed that the firm is a benefit corporation launched with the mission to stabilize the financial interests of the traders. 

Furthermore, from the thread, we studied that it is a New York-based firm initiated in 2019. This token assists developers by utilizing the Ethereum layer 2 scaling mechanism to create the blockchain. Now, let us go through the upcoming passages to know more connected details, including the owner’s identity and Optimism Prediction

Who Are The Founders Of This Crypto? 

Our research noticed a source mentioning Karl Floersch, Kevin Ho, and Jinglan Wang as the owner of the Optimism platform. So, let us now focus on the upcoming paragraph to discuss the features of this token. 

What Are Its Unique Features?

  • Optimism focuses on the practical requirements of the traders and the developers. Moreover, the website explained that now it is working great and will continue to grow. 
  • It is a simple and refined platform that makes the platform an easy infrastructure for users to operate.  
  • Optimism is pretty similar to Ethereum Virtual Machine, which offers quick processes. 

Optimism Coin Price

Its cost is currently decreasing by 63.17%, making its actual price $1.68. Therefore, you should note that the figure given above is variable and can moderate with time. So, you should proceed with any cryptocurrency with personal research, and we are not endorsing it to you, only drafting the informative strings. 

Also, while researching more, we discovered a source implying its future price estimation. So, if you want to know further details, kindly see below.

Period Worth
2022 $1.69498
2023 $3.56521
2024 $5.76851
2025 $9.33345

As we know about Optimism Coin Price, let us move further to the following passage to discuss more hints. 

Total Supply And Other Details

Upon researching, we noted several other crucial details about the token that will help you figure out its worth more accurately. So, let us observe them below.

  • The fully diluted value of OP Token is $7,320,948,072.
  • It has a 4,294,967,296 total supply value.
  • The token’s 24-hour volume value is $249,375,829.
  • The market rank of this crypto is #2809.
  • The token’s max supply value is inaccessible. 

Therefore, we hope that the above-given details have helped you estimate the future Optimism Prediction. Thus, if you have decided to buy this token, kindly read the below section to know its suitable buying platforms.  

Where To Claim This Token?

KuCoin,, and Bybit are some trending exchange platforms for this crypto. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Official URL Of OP Token?

A1. The token’s official page is

Q2. What Is The Contact Address Of Optimism?

A2. A thread disclosed the coin’s contract address as 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042.


Today, this writing expressed in-depth information about the trending Optimism Coin Price. Thus, we suggest you do proper research after proceeding with it. 

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