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Ooki Token Coin (Feb 2022) Contract Address, Prediction

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A cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that can be used as a payment form. To protect and authenticate transactions and control the creation of additional units, it employs encryption.

Ooki is an innovative cryptocurrency with a strong focus on usability. This currency is advanced and innovative with so much to offer: ease of access, security, anonymity and a large network of users in India and Turkey. Let’s know more about Ooki Token Coin.

What is Ooki Token?

Ooki is a decentralized system for financial markets, financing, lending, and staking that allows borrowers, debtors, and investors to connect with the most adaptable decentralized finance system on many blockchains using Decentralized Apps. Ooki is a decentralized, community-run initiative, with all important protocol updates determined by a community vote.

The OoKI coin is a governing currency that enables the Ooki network to manage the system by holding and participating in the Ooki DAO. Via administration, fee distribution, & voting, the Ooki system is intended to stress public control over the system. Before knowing Ooki Token Price, let’s know the coin’s founder.

Founders of Ooki Token

Ooki is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to restore the original vision of Bitcoin as a global payment network. The founder of the Ooki token is not present anywhere on the web. The name is not revealed on the official website of Ooki token also.

Ooki Coin Price Chart

With a 24-h market cap of $8,221,511, the current Ooki Network cost is $0.024905. The OoKI to USD value gets updated in real-time. During the last 24hrs, Ooki Protocol has lost 0.39 per cent of its value. 

Ooki Token Coin Supply

  • The real-time stock price gets not provided. The present CoinMarketCap rank is #2881. 
  • The circulation is low, with a maximum supply of 10,300,000,000 OOKI tokens.

Ooki Coin Predictions

The rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been one of the most exciting things in the past decade. The Ooki Coin’s potential value is difficult to forecast. It’ll get determined by the coin’s desire and the overall number of tokens generated. If you purchase the Ooki Cryptocurrency for a lengthy period and store it for more than a year, it could be a beneficial investment plan for you.

How to buy Ooki Token Coin? A Perfect Guide With Trustwallet

  • Install Trust Wallet App from Google Play Store. 
  • Login to your wallet and choose the OKI token in the top left corner of your screen. 
  • Click on “Buy” and then click on “Advanced”. Enter the amount of OKI token you would like to purchase and click on “Buy”. Trust Wallet App will now show you your new coins!
  • You can’t use credit cards or PayPal account to purchase the OKI token. You can only pay with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


  • What is the official portal to check Ooki Token Price?

The official portal is https://ooki.com/

  • What is the Contact Address of Ooki Coin?

It is 0x0De05F6447ab4D22c8827449EE4bA2D5C288379B

  • Is Ooki Coin a good investment?

Yes, it is probably a good choice.

Final Verdict

Here, we strive to offer the most accurate and current information possible. We keep our users informed about the latest events, price moves, and fluctuations in the Ooki cryptocurrency space throughout the day. Check Out Bitcoin Scammer List 2021.

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