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On1 Force NFT (Aug) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

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On1 Force, the novel project, was launched on August 19, 2021. The team collaborated to ensure crossing all their dot and T’s before the launch for the smooth running of its new project.

Many traders in the United States and United Kingdom lookout for new projects, their releases to gain more profit during the initial stages.

However, you must know and read more about On1 Force NFT in the article below to know the distinct features and profitability of the project. 

What is the On1 Force?

The 0N1 Force is a group of about 7,777 generative side-profile online characters with more than a hundred hand-drawn features that battle for survival.

The initial one of which is involved in a collective RPG that entices players in the 0N1verse. 

The On1 Force Project is incorporated with unique features for people with impairments among nearly 200 different attributes so they can relate to its characters on a rather instinctual level.

Price chart of On1 Force NFT:

  • On1 Force Price- 0.07777
  • Floor Price- 2.650 (204.598%)
  • 24 Hours Sales- $ 7 957 683.60 (187.362%)
  • Owner Density- 48.039%  
  • Items- 7.8 K
  • Owners- 3.7 K
  • Volume Traded- 13.1 K

Who founded On1 Force?

On1 Force is a project initiated by the collaboration of a team, including JR, the Marketing and Project Manager; EM, the Discord Manager, and Community Relations; IMCMPLX, the Creator and Artist of the On1 Force; CRYPTOSPACES, the Technical Development, and STRAWBERRY, the Front-end Design.

Is the On1 Force a good investment?

JR, the project manager, was inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s efforts on the “Gorillaz” project. Hewletts’ characters’ grungy, post-apocalyptic feel was just what JR believed the On1 Force NFT space needed.

Its team of five collaborated to formulate strategies and ideas for an exciting tale that might expand and develop over time with the community in their minds.

It is in direct relation to the beautifully crafted artwork. In addition, the 0N1s are displayed in a profile view, which provides a distinct situation to the NFT profile image space’s standardized three quarter perspective artwork.

How to get On1 Force?

Players need to grasp style, spirit, and strength to survive in The Ethereal Enclave. Apart from the high-resolution artwork, every 0N1 NFT comes with various perks discovered on the Discord channel and over the official website of On1 Force NFT

It creates the Discord basis for incoming users, which was critical. While its members initiated flowing in due to 0N1 Force’s appealing clean pop art and anime aesthetic, many fans started requesting other channels to reflect their weeb and anime interests.

A maximum of 7,700 0N1s are offered on the market, with about 77 reserved for advertising reasons. 

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the current price of On1 Force?

  1. The current price of On1 Force is 0.07777.

Q- How much is the twenty-four hours sale of On1 Force?  

  • The twenty-four hours of On1 Force NFT is about $ 7 957 683.60 and is approximately 187.362%. Also, check here to know more about On1 Force Token 


Its characters are designed carefully to provide an ambiguous and equal feel and look so that every trait may be relatable and interchangeable to anyone who wishes to mint. 

The Discord channel is no exception on the backend. The project selected this number to remain consistent with their On1 Force storyline, with the 0N1s confronting a clock with 7,777 hours to live.

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