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{Full Watch} Olanike Gold Viral Video Leaked On Telegram: Is It Trending on Twitter, Instagram

Get details on the Olanike Gold Viral Video Leaked on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram. Know if the viral video news is original or fake. 

Do you know about the Olanike gold viral video? Do you know why she is trending? Olanike Gold Viral Video Leaked on Telegram video is trending all over the world. Olanike Gold from Nigeria is a popular actress whose private videos were leaked by someone. Some people are confused if the lady in the viral video is Olanike or someone else. So in this post, we will discuss details about it. 

Olanike Gold Viral Video Leaked on Telegram

Olanike Gold is a well-known actress from Nigeria. The actress is trending after her private video got leaked on the internet. The private video of Olanike Gold received many views from the public all around the world as it was an intimate video. In the viral video, Olanike Gold is removing her clothes and flaunting her body in front of the camera as per sources. 

She recorded the video but someone posted it on social media platform X(twitter). Several people on Twitter had watched and installed the video. The video took no time to spread on other social media platforms. Later, the video was taken down from all the sources as it showed explicit content.

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Olanike Gold Viral Video Trending on Twitter

The viral video of Olanike Gold was initially published on Twitter. The video was taken down from Twitter after some time. The viral video involves explicit so the Twitter authority has deleted it from all the accounts on Twitter. The viral video is deleted from other platforms as well. Several people on Twitter already installed the video and posted it on other platforms.

 The video was also posted on Telegram but it’s no more available. However, there is an account on Telegram where some links are posted but we cannot make sure if the link has an Olanike Gold video.

Olanike Gold’s reaction to Instagram viral video

Olanike Gold’s viral video reached her and she also responded to the video. As a response, she posted a reply on her instagram story that the lady in the video was not her. She clearly stated that the video did not belong to her. As per the online reports, she stated that telegram bloggers should enquire about the video before posting it. However, Olanike Gold is active on her social media. It is clear that the video does not belong to Olanike. The video has been removed from all the social media platforms.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the viral video is deleted from all the sources as it involves explicit content. As per Olanike Gold, the video does not belong to her. She further stated that bloggers should enquire appropriately before publishing such things. Hence, it is not confirmed if the video belongs to Olanike Gold or not. You can visit this link to learn more details on Olanike gold.

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Disclaimer: We have not published any intimate video in this post as it violates the rules and regulations of our website. Also, the video that has leaked with the name of Olanike does not belong to her as per her statements. 

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