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Norton Lifelock Scam: Check Complete Information On Fraud And Subscription Package

We bring the latest updates about a fraudulent online message about a refund scam. Let’s check What Is Norton Lifelock Scam?

Norton LifeLock is a trusted company that offers services to keep personal information secure, prevent identity theft, and assist with staying safe online. It aims to safeguard all forms of user data from any cyber threats in the United StatesSingaporeCanada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Do you want to know What Is Norton Lifelock Scam?

Uncovering the Norton Lifelock Scam:

Since the beginning of 2023, the Norton Lifelock Scam has been featured as an email. It intensified since May/2023, with many users reporting receiving fraudulent emails. Initially, the fraudulent email was received by users who subscribed to at least one type of Norton service.

There was little similarity between emails received by different users. The content of the message, the renewal fee, and the customer service contact number were different over a while. 

Norton Life Lock Scam message:

One thing common in all the fraudulent emails was information about specific amounts getting auto-debited from the user’s account. The email created a sense of urgency by informing the users that their account has been charged between $349.99 and up to $800 for the annual fee of Norton Lifelock. If the user feels their account was charged in error, they can reach Norton’s customer service for a refund. 

Further, all formats of fraudulent emails gave the impression of genuine emails from Norton. 

Norton Lifelock Subscription rebuttals:

Such emails took undue advantage of Norton’s logo, billing format in tabular form, included the physical address in the footnote, the subject line had an invoice number, and email informed about a user ID (made-up and fake UID), Etc. The contact numbers that were included are:

  • +1(818)214-1287,
  • +1(844)715-0250,
  • +1(205)255-8563,
  • +1(877)309-8499,
  • +1(833)888-0922,
  • +1(844)675-2108,
  • +1(818)214-1287,
  • +1(833)460-3295,
  • +1(805)618-1075,
  • +1(888)782-4749,
  • +1(866)271-9736,
  • +1(802)221-0108,
  • +1(856)291-0622,
  • +1(877)279-0681,
  • +1(888)713-5541,
  • +1(808)646-8035,
  • +1(888)712-5785,
  • +1(844)429-9888,
  • +1(802)213-4990,
  • +1(808)658-8848,
  • +1(844)296-6121,
  • +1(858)215-2059,
  • +1(845)657-3143,
  • +1(877)479-5178,
  • +1(765)540-8549,
  • +1(978)293-5500,
  • +1(808)318-2852,
  • +1(888)695-4145, and more.

What Is Norton Lifelock?

By reading the email, anyone would believe it to be true. Many users panicked as they could not verify the transaction on their bank account immediately. Such users took to social media by posting email screenshots and seeking advice about the message’s legitimacy.

Norton Lifelock is a bundled subscription of antivirus protection, Virtual Private Network for online privacy, password managers, device security, identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and dark web monitoring services. Among these, Norton Password Manager is widely used by iOS users. 

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Norton Lifelock Subscription packages:

The monthly Norton Lifelock pack costs between $9.99 and $29.99, depending on the regular or 360 Ultimate Pack. The Yearly Norton Lifelock pack costs between $99.99 and $299.99, and the 3-year subscription costs $399.99. However, most of the scamming emails informed random renewal fees.

Norton Lifelock’s scamming email is a refund fraud. The user is expected to panic and call the number in the email. Once the user contacts the scammer, he gets trapped in the Norton Life Lock Scam.

Social media links:

norton life lock invoice $455.99
byu/jistresdidit inScams

Norton: 888-712-5785
byu/Rob_The_Nailer inScamNumbers

Norton Lifelock Scam: 888 713 5541
byu/runcible_spoon inScamNumbers

Norton LifeLock Scam
byu/voncleeef inScamNumbers

Norton threat – “Your order for Norton Life-Lock Support has been succesfully renewed” for $899.99. I did not order. I have warned my banks and forward email to abuse at gmail. Anything else I should do?
byu/alfayellow inScams


The scammers informed over the phone that user’s account was charged in error and that Norton would refund the amount. Hence, they require the user’s account information to credit the amount. Users who were scammed reported their account was charged with transaction details as – Norton 360 Deluxe. Hence, the email should be reported to (USA), (UK), (Canada), and (Australia).

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