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NFT Nansen {Sep} Founders, Market Supply & How To Buy?

This article describes an online Non-Fungible Token analytics platform and the different online services provided to its users. Read more on NFT Nansen.

Are you an NFT enthusiast interested in knowing about the values of various NFTs and their analysis based on the NFT? If so, you may have heard about this famous online platform used to analyze various NFTs according to various categories.

NFT communities around the United States are eager to understand more about the changes happening around the NFT world as more and more people are interested in taking part in events related to NFTs. Read more to understand about the NFT Nansen.

About the Platform

Nansen is an online non-fungible token analytics platform designed and developed for blockchain. The users of this platform are given access to the dashboards available on the platform. Different leaderboards help to shortlist the top performers of the platform easily. 

All the features available in the platform are developed in a user-friendly and straightforward way so that even a beginner can understand the events taking place on the platform properly. The platform is updated with new features and shares all the updates with the users on time. 

NFT Nansen

  • Nansen was built for the clients who wanted information about the wallets and the on-chain transactions in the wallet.
  • To address the client’s particular need, Nansen was created in 2019 and currently stands as a leading provider of analytics and data for Ethereum.
  • The platform is named after Fridtjof Nansen, a famous diplomat, explorer, humanitarian, and scientist.
  • This platform considers speed, curiosity, courage, and transparency as its core values, and Fridtjof Nansen strictly followed all these values.

  Market Capitalization

  • Market cap, total supply, and volume traded are not available as Nansen is an NFT analytics platform. Read more on NFT Nansen.
  • They provide three different packages, which include Standard pack, VIP pack, and Alpha pack.
  • The standard pack has a monthly subscription fee of $149, which can be subscribed to fiat or crypto.
  • The VIP pack comes with a monthly subscription of $1,490 and has many features compared to the standard pack.
  • The Alpha pack comes with a monthly subscription rate of $ 2500 and provides complete facilities provided by Nansen. 

Founders and Team

  • Alex Svanevik is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nansen.
  • Co-Founder and Chief Data Engineer is Lars Bakke Krogvig.
  • Evgeny Medvedev is the Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of NFT Nansen.
  • Akshay Ramasubramanian is a Research Engineer.
  • Isaac Zu is the Operations Manager.
  • Daniel Armitage is Growth & Customer Success Lead.
  • Daniel Krupa is a research engineer.

How to Purchase Plans?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Register using your user id and password.
  • Select the needed subscription from Standard, VIP, and Alpha.
  • Subscriptions can be made monthly or annually.
  • Purchase the packs with fiat or using crypto.
  • After completing the subscription, the user will be able to avail all the benefits provided by the platform for the valid subscription period.


Q1: Is there any trial for NFT Nansen?

A1: Yes, the user can check the platform for seven days by paying $9.

Q2: What features are available for the Standard pack?

A2: Standard pack includes NFT dashboards, wallet profiler, ETH tracker, DEX trades, supported chains for the major cryptocurrencies such as Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum.


NFT has massive global acceptance as it gives its creator ownership over his digital creation, which others cannot replicate, making it a unique product. To know more details about this nft, please visit.  

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