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NFT Mekaverse {Oct 2021} Coin Price And How to Buy?

If you know the specifications of the new NFT Mekaverse project, you should read this article first.

Are you also curious to know about some new and lefty and cryptocurrency projects? Well, you are at the right article. Today we will share some news and information regarding NFT MekaverseThe Mekaverse is a new project in recent talks, and people from Worldwide and other countries are curious about this new project. So, please read this article without missing any heading. So, let’s start this article by giving you some based data of this new project.

Firstly, we are starting a briefing about the token.

What is Mekaverse? 

This will be an Nft token that is based and inspired by the Mekaverse of japan. It is a total of 8,888 Mekas and many other elements inspired by the Mekaverse of japan. Each Meka is unique and is made independently of the other. Different colour pellets do the creation of each Meka. Considering NFT Mekaversethe company aims to have more quality than quantity. 

Who founded this project? 

We got the official website of Mekaverse and got many details from it. On the official website, it is mentioned that Mattey and Matt. B are the two friends that are all behind the 3D and Artwork done on the Mekas. They also noted that they have been working very hard to publish this project. These two have adequate experience in their fields as they have also worked with Apple, Microsoft, MTV, Nike and many other companies.

Some specifications about the NFT Mekaverse:

  • Price – not available 
  • Market cap. – Not available.
  • Dominance- not available
  • Fully diluted market cap. – not available
  • Rank – not available
  • 24 hr high/low – not available.

All the above data is not available as this project is currently in progress, and the official website clearly shows that the new token will be released after three days. So you will get the information as this token releases.

What is the road map of this project? 

The founders and the company have planned to launch the project soon and have prepared a roadmap for the future of this project. Considering NFT Mekaverse, we have prepared a roadmap based on the Mekaverse website: 

  • The launch date of the new token will be released once the graphics team is done with their task.
  • After the launch, the company plans to start merchandise with great quality fabrics.
  • They have also designed to collaborate with stars and influences with their projects.
  • the founders will try to make a multiverse of Mekas and will explore more subjects.
  • When all these steps are done. The company will then update and maintain the Mekas.

Some FAQ’s about this project: 

  1. What is the official website of the project NFT Mekaverse

Ans. Visit the official website by clicking on this link: 

  1. What is the price of the new token by Mekaverse? 

Ans. Price and other details will be updated once the token is launched officially. 

  1. When will Mekaverse launch its new token

Ans. The registration of (raffle) starts after three days. 


As this project is under progress is not fully released. You can wait for the project’s official launch and get specifications about it from the web. After that, you can visit the official website and get some more information about NFT Mekaverse.

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