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NFT Creature World {Sep 2021} How To Buy? Chart, Price

What’s your take for investing in the NFT creature world? Please read to know the token, its current value, and profits before making investment.

Yet another game, Creature NFT world, has been becoming popular among players from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. We think you are also one of the biggest fans of the NFT game; that’s why you have landed on this page to better know about this game, its value, current price, and more. 

On the web, you will find numerous games based on blockchain technology, but the unique part of playing NFT Creature World is finding extreme fun and outstanding experience. So, let us explore the game.

About Creature NFT World

The creature world is a most impressive and unique concept of sharing love, dimensions, divine, and possibility. Approximately 10 000 creatures are there to assist you in making your journey the best.

It was created by Danny Cole, who expresses his love for creatures. 

Here in this blockchain-based technology, you will find numerous creatures with ids at different BTC prices. So, here you can explore the creatures:

  • Creature #9885
  • Creature #9851
  • Creature #2444
  • Creature #9867
  • Creature #2817

However, NFT Creature World will never end. Just choose your best.

Creature NFT World Price

  • Price- 2.40 ETH
  • Token name- Creature NFT
  • Market capital- 21, 765 ETH
  • Market Dominance- No data available
  • Diluted Validation- No data available
  • 24-hour Trading volume- 983.98 ETH
  • Maximum supply- No data
  • Monthly price trend- 0.796%
  • Total owners- 5,506
  • NFT’s collection- 10, 000

Creature NFT statistics

  • 24 hours volume- 983.98 ETH
  • Last sold price-348
  • 24 Hours low price- 2.83 ETH
  • 7 days volume- 3,338.71
  • Seven days sold price- 1534
  • Seven days low price- 2.18 ETH
  • 30 days volume- 15,271.69 ETH

Who is the founder of NFT Creature World?

Danny Cole is the founder of Creature NFT World, while Jake McEvoy is the co-founder. Both have created an outstanding range of creatures under different categories. All creatures have their unique personality, including decoration, foreground, and price.  

When you land on the official website, you will find the magical land that drives love, attention and possibility. 

Its floor price has been 2.87 ETH in the last seven days. So it expresses that it carries great value that might offer you unique benefits and profits.

Price & prediction of Creature NFT world

Before making the final investment plan, you need to look into the current value of the NFT Creature world prevailing with the market volume. As per Coingecko, Creatures NFT sold at 2.87 ETH, which increases value in the market. Also, while checking the live graph, we can say it is best for investment, as its value and demand are upward.

Is it safe for investment?

Absolutely yes. Its current price is raised not just for a single token but also for its number of creatures. This seems like the best investment plan for you. However, we always suggest you take professional advice if you are unknown about the investment market.

How to buy Creature NFT tokens?

Here’s how you can buy NFT creature world tokens.

  • Create your wallet to buy NFT tokens, use OpenSea
  • Search your NFT tokens on OpenSea
  • Transfer your NFT tokens into web3 wallet
  • Buy your creature World NFT tokens

For the complete buying guide, click here.  


Q1- Who is the co-founder of Creature world NFT?

Jake McEvoy is the co-founder.

Q2- What is it’s all-time average price?

It is 1.133 ETH

Final Words

So, finally, you have learned the most profitable and trending NFT token nowadays. Numerous people are investing in Crypto tokens and making profits. So, if you are interested in NFT tokens, then NFT creature world is one of the best options. 

What do you think? Are you going to invest in this NFT token? Please drop your answers in the given comment box. Know here Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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