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[Full Video] Nepal Plane Crash 2023 Video Reddit: Check Update On Plane Crash Viral Video From Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

The post on Nepal Plane Crash 2023 Video Reddit. is about a video of a plane crash in Nepal. The public will be able to learn more about the accident.

Have you seen the video of the aeroplane crashing into the building? On Sunday, a plane exploded in Pokhara, Nepal. Many circulated video of the aircraft’s descent before this crashed in the United States. This article about the Nepali flight shows details of the aircraft crash footage. Please read Nepal Plane Crash 2023 Video Reddit to understand more about the crash.


Plane Crash in Nepal!

Flight Crash in Nepal various sources said the plane came from Nepal and collapsed not far from Pokhara. Around 72 individuals were on the plane at the time of the disaster, and sources indicate 68 of them perished. Before it could be seen on camera, the jet crashed. The video demonstrates the plane’s issues. After collapsing to the ground, it caught fire. Locals assisted the plane and acknowledged the situation. A Youtube video is shared below to learn more about it.


Plane Crash in Nepal!

Aeroplane takeoff!

Nepal plane crash footage Online sources mention that the plane flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara. It is situated in a district close to the Himalayan region, around 80 miles west of Kathmandu. At 10:50 a.m., when it started, the aircraft communicated with the Pokhara terminal officials. Eighteen minutes later, communication was broken.

The rescue squad is doing everything they can to get to the relatives of the passengers. The clip-on TikTok disturbs a lot of people. However, we would post a link to the corrected video. People are hoping that the rescue crew will be able to save everyone. We shall inform the readers as soon as accurate information regarding the death and safety of lost individuals becomes available. Flight Crash in Nepal Some others recorded the plane on camera before it crashed, according to online sources.

Viral On Twitter

The collision, as per officials, was the worst in thirty years. Per the estimates, sixty-eight travellers and four crew members entered the aircraft. However, the ATR 72 was utilised by the Airlines of Nepal. There were passengers on the plane from all around the world. Passengers from all walks of life were on board, including South Koreans, Russians, and Indians. Per the Nepalese Civil Aviation Authority, the plane held 25 women, three babies, 37 men, and three kids.

The incident was publicised widely on social media like Instagram. Rescue efforts got underway right away after the accident. We will update the readers as soon as the most recent details about the crash are released.


Per reports from Flight Crash in Nepal, we finished the piece by covering every aspect of the ATR 72’s disaster. One can watch the aircraft crash video below. Gather detailsonline.

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Nepal Plane Crash 2023 Video Reddit- FAQ

Q1. What airline flew the aircraft that collapsed, and what was its name?

The aircraft was an ATR 72 flown by Yeti Airlines out of Nepal.

Q2. Where did the aircraft depart from, and where was it headed?

The Nepalese capital of Kathmandu is where the aircraft took off. It was boarding for Pokhara, as per reports on Telegram.

Q3. How many passengers were on board the aircraft?

According to internet sites, there were 72 persons on board, 68 travellers and four staff members.

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