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[New Video Link] Nashville Shooting Video Reddit: How Footage Went Viral On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram? Find Trending Bodycam Twitter Link Here!

The article details the Nashville Shooting Video Reddit on the school premises and how the shooter got killed.

Have you come across the shooting footage that took place recently? People from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada look forward to more details as they come across the chilling news of the Nashville School shooter.

We will try to provide as much information as possible in this article related to Nashville Shooting Video RedditStay tuned.


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Shooting video present on Reddit

The Reddit video shows the Nashville shooter Audrey Hale entering the Covenant school premises with assault rifles in the hall. The shooter shot three students and three teachers before he got shot by the Nashville police department.

Is the video Viral On TikTok?

The video is circulating on all social media platforms, and it would be unsurprising when people on TikTok find the CCTV footage of the shooter. The Nashville police department has released the video to ensure the shooter has been shot.

Can the viewers find the video on Instagram?

The viewers have not seen the video on Instagram, but the news has circulated worldwide, and people are discussing the same on different platforms. They are wondering why the school premises did not have good security and a better environment for the students and faculty members.

Availability of YouTube link on the platform

Many links are provided on the platform, and the CCTV footage has been released all over social media. One can also find the video on YouTube but with a censored version. The shooting video is not openly shown due to the terms and privacy policies of the channel, but it is present on the channel.

Detailed Nashville Shooting Footage

The viewers were frightened by the clip released by the police department. People were saddened after they heard of the loss of lives, while others wondered how the shooter made their way into the premises. 

Did anyone see the Nashville Shooting Bodycam Video?

The police department released the body cam video of how they shot the shooter and killed him. People who came across the video were thrilled to find the clip online. The officer in charge can be heard making commands to the other officers and is found heading toward the second floor, where the shooter was last seen.

People’s reaction on Twitter

People on Twitter praised the police officers for heroically killing the shooter. They said that The shooter was a former Student of the same school, and the killings may be due to his past resentment toward the school.

Is there any Telegram link present?

The CCTV footage is all over the public media platforms, but we have not found any specific Telegram link.

Social media links




Audrey Hale, the shooter, is killed by the police officers, and further investigations are being held. People who wish to see the footage can find it online

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Nashville Shooting Video Reddit-FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the shooter?

Audrey Hale.

Q2. Where did the shooting take place?

The Covenant School, Nashville.

Q3. How many people were killed in the shootings?

Reports suggest that three students and three faculty members were killed in the shooting.

Q4. Who released the body camera footage of the killing?

The Metro Nashville Police Department.

Q5. Is the CCTV footage found on social media platforms?


Q6. When did the shooting take place?

On Monday, March 27, 2023.

Q7. What was the shooter wearing?

He was seen in a red cap, a white T-shirt, combat pants, and a vest.

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