online website reviews Legit or Scam: Is Reviews Legit? Can you Earn Watching Ads? Know Facts!

The article highlights the details of Legit or Scam and provides a definite answer on whether to invest your time on this platform.

Have you heard of Have you participated in the online service conducted by the platform? Recently people from the Philippines have been talking about the survey company where they get paid for market research and answering online surveys.

We will discuss in this article the details relating to Legit or ScamKeep reading.

Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is extracted from online sources.

Is Mypoints portal a legit website?

Data and details shows that Mypoints is an online survey platform where people get paid for submitting their online answers and can earn rewards through gift cards or cash. Online surveys have become a separate method of earning extra money online, growing daily. 

There are many online surveys people come across for App, but not all of them fulfil the promises. In other words, all online surveys are not legit. People can either submit their surveys online directly on the website or can download their app from the website and participate in the daily service and market research.

Latest Reviews

The online surveys are open to people from the United States and Canada and accessible only to those above 18 years old. The website is genuine, and people get paid based on the points scored on the app. It also has some online slot machines that give 5 to 10 points. 

The drawback we came across is that the surveys take a lot of time to complete. There were complaints about people trying to withdraw their money and having their accounts deactivated.

How much does the platform pay?

The minimum payout for withdrawing the money is 480 points. There are many methods through which people playing or taking part in the surveys can get paid. The scheme of Watching Ads is that people get paid for watching advertisements and videos that run during online surveys. Also, read safety tips against Credit Card scams

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Is MyPoints legit?
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Conclusion is a legit platform for earning money through online surveys. The drawback is that people face problems withdrawing their money instantly. However, there are multiple ways in which people can earn money through this online platform. And, remember to learn the protecting methods against PayPal scams

Have you taken part in the online surveys? Comment below. Legit or Scam-FAQs

Q1. Who is eligible for the surveys?

People above 18 years of age.

Q2. Where can people withdraw their money?

PayPal account.

Q3. Is the online platform genuine?


Q4. Are there any problems faced by the people?

Yes, they are unable to withdraw their money.

Q5. What are the reviews for the platform?

It has received mixed reviews.

Q6. What are the other ways to earn on the website?

People can earn points by shopping online.

Q7. Is the website worth your time?

The website pays very low for the time given.

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