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Mikayla Campinos Height: How Old Is Mikayla Campinos? Also Get Details On Her Age, Instagram, And Reddit Account

This article on Mikayla Campinos Height was written to give you brief information about Mikayla Campinos’s life and her current information.

Who is Mikayla Campinos? Have you heard about her before? Why is she gaining attention all of a sudden? Did something happen to her? Many people Worldwide are willing to find out more information about Mikayla. Are you one of them? If yes, continue to read this article below. All the correct information about her will be mentioned in this article below. To get the details about Mikayla Campinos Height kindly read this article with your undivided attention till the very end. 


Who is Mikayla Campinos? 

Mikayla Campinos is a Tiktok star. She is a Canadian Tiktoker who has gained an immense amount of popularity through her videos. She uploaded her first Tiktok video on December 2021. She posts about beauty content, trend-related posts, and situational humor. This content has got her a lot of fans and views all over social media. She has over 460,000 fans on Youtube and millions of followers on TikTok. The famous influencer has a net worth of $1 million. She accumulated her net worth through collaborations, advertisements, and her other social media accounts. She is 5’3 feet tall and weighs about 48 kilograms. Let us read more about her below.  

Mikayla Campios Instagram 

Mikayla has gained an immense amount of popularity on her social media accounts. Her collaborations on Instagram have got her a lot of money and fame. She has 271k followers on Instagram who are crazy about her. Her posts have received a lot of likes and comments. She posted a picture of herself in a Bikini on her Instagram which received a lot of likes and comments from all over the world.  She is very popular for her beautiful posts all over the world. She has managed to gain fans from not only her country but from across the world. 

Mikayla Campios Fanfix 

Mikayla has posted a lot of videos on her TikTok which has got her millions of fans all over the internet, especially Tiktok. Some of her videos on Tiktok have crossed 20 million views which is massive. You can discover her latest videos on Tiktok and other social media sites. She has Fanfic like no other social media star\ influencer. Fanfic is a short form of fan fiction. A very frequently asked question about her is what is her height? Well, she is 5’3 feet tall and weighs about 48 kilograms.  

Mikayla Campios Reddit 

Mikayla is quite famous on Reddit. According to the internet, some of her posts have got leaked on Reddit. Not many people know about it. Her posts have been leaked due to she is famous on Reddit, whereas not much information is available about her posts on Reddit. Mikayla a famous influencer gained a lot of money and fame at a very young Age. She is only 16 years old and has a massive net worth. This is a very big accomplishment for her at this young age. This is the dream of many young girls that she is living. 

How Old Is Mikayla Campios and More? 

Mikayla is 16 years old. She was born on 17 November 2006. She has a Net worth of $1 million. She was born and brought up in Canada and follows Christianity. She completed her schooling at a local school in Canada. Currently, she is studying at a private University in Canada. She is currently pursuing graduation. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Their names have not been mentioned anywhere. Talking about her relationships, she is single and unmarried. No details are mentioned anywhere about her personal life. 


Mikayla started her career in 2021. She got famous in no time. Her Youtube channel had three videos and her Instagram has 62 posts. She posts most of her content on Tiktok where she has millions of followers and millions of views. To know more about her kindly click on this link 

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Mikayla Campinos Height FAQs 

Q1. Who is Mikayla? 

She is a famous influencer who has millions of followers on TikTok. 

Q2. How old is she? 

She is 16 years old. 

Q3. Is she married?

No she is not married. 

Q4. How many followers does she have? 

She has a massive fan following of 2 million on Tiktok and 271k on Instagram.

Q5. Where was she born? 

She was born and brought up in Canada. 

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