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Mgpx Coin (Nov 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new MGPX racing event and the official currency Mgpx Coin.

Monster Grand Prix or MGPX is the new Play-2-Earn game set in the multi-verse where tamers and monsters race for glory and wealth. MGPX is the new racing game where tamers race to beat the monsters and win rewards and prizes.

Monsters can evolve into some great assets, gather new special skills, and regain synergies with tamers. Players can even trade their monsters in the multi-verse marketplace for the native token, Mgpx Coin.

The event is all set for release on 25th Oct 2021, and it is already acquiring the attention of gamers in Brazil and Thailand.       

What is MGPX Token?

MGPX or Monster Grand Prix is the decentralized financial payment gateway that helps develop a conventional payment stack on the Blockchain platform. It is used in the new multi-verse racing game, Monster Grand Prix, stabilizing algorithmically by the reserve currency MGPX. It facilitates programmable payments while opening financial infrastructure development. 

Monster Grand Prix is where players can race, trade, and earn Mgpx Coin while having funds in the multi-verse game. There is also an event called Darby’s Cup where players can stake all the Mgpx Tokens while guessing the winner of the race based on synergy and rarity. 

About the Founders

We checked the official link of the token and found no details or data of the CEO and founder of the token and the game. However, we have found links to social media pages where the developers are active. 

But, we found no names or teams behind the racing event and the native digital currency of the game. The token has more than 3K holders worldwide, and it has recorded over 68K transfers to date. 

Mgpx Coin – Market Statistics and Analysis 

As per the online exchanges, the price of the Mgpx Token is $8294.21 with no real-time changes. Besides, the token recorded the highest trading volume of $257.484. There is no data about the changing trend in the trading volume.

The market capitalization of Mgpx Token is $4 147 106 152.344, and we found no data regarding its fully diluted market capitalization; hence, investors have to check it online. 

The total circulating of Mgpx Coin is 500 000 MGPX. But, there is no data on the maximum circulating supply of the token. So, investors need to check it on major exchanges before investing in the coin.

Buying MGPX

MGPX is the BEP-20 type-token available for trading with ticker MGPX.

  • Users have to sign-up for a wallet that can be linked to any reliable exchange
  • Add fiat currency and transfer it to the exchange to buy BNB
  • User need to use the contract address 0xcbd7142e42666132abe1f4c57996b2d5e8b0c9e2 to find the token on the exchange
  • Check the live price data and market stats of Mgpx Coin
  • Enter the number of coins you want to swap
  • Click on the swap button to swap BNB for MGPX
  • Store the coins in your wallet 


Q1. Which Website is Right for MGPX?

A1. For more details, users have to visit the website https://monstergrandprix.io/.

Q2. Which Contract Address Investors Have to Use?

A2. The correct contract address investors have to use is 0xcbd7142e42666132abe1f4c57996b2d5e8b0c9e2.

Q3. How Many Transactions Recorded in the 24 Hrs? 

A3. 17 transactions are recorded in the last 24 hrs as per online sources. 


If you are interested in participating in the Monster Grand Prix racing event to support your favorite tamers and monsters in the race, ensure having sufficient Mgpx Coin in your account. 

Since you know how to buy the Mgpx Token, it is important to know the Best Apps for Buying Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid online scams and frauds. 

What do you have to say about the MGPX Event? Would you mind sharing your views in the comment section?

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