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Medlab2020 Scam: Curious To Get Essential Factors? Get All Associated Details Here!

Read this article in detail so that you may get all the facts that will help you to know if Medlab2020 Scam or legit.

Are you looking for an online portal that offers covid testing? Have you ever heard about the Medlab 2020 website? Want to gather the information that helps you to claim the authenticity of Medlab?

People in the United Statesand other countries have adopted a habit where they start to check varieties of details about the website before they invest their money in them. Recently viewers have been wondering about the Medlab2020 Scam or legit portal.


Disclaimer: We are not promoting any website or portal. We are only providing authentic details taken from reliable sources for educational purposes.

Is There Any Scam Done In 2020 By Medlab?

We did not find any scam of Medlab2020, but after researching information from a popular review-giving website we came to know that medlab2020 has been active over the web for two years and they are not able to follow its own policy that has been created by them. 

Customers have also faced multiple problems and no one has recommended this platform for covid testing. If we find any other information regarding the Medlab2020 Scam we will update you through this website.

The legitimacy of Medlab 20220:

  • The domain of Medlab was created on 29th July 2020 and they have been running their operation till now.
  • The trust score of Medlab 2020 is average and they have only received a score of 35%.
  • The domain of Medlab 2020 will expire on 29th July 2023 and it still has time to renew it.
  • Social media accounts have not been developed by the developers of Medlab.
  • Customers can easily get the contact option given below the website.
  • We have not found a single customer that has given any reviews on the Medlab portal and hence it also raises a question about the Medlab2020 Scam.
  • The owner of this website has not provided a single detail about their motive.


  • Developers of Medlab have provided a contact number (714) 974-2020.\
  • Customers can email Medlab by this id
  • Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc are missing.
  • Customers can visit Medlab from Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 5:00 and for Saturday and Sunday only call appointments.
  • SSL and HTTPS certification has been installed and it will help customers to protect their data.
  • Multiple payment modes like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc have been available and customers can pay using any of them.

PROS will provide information on the Medlab2020 Scam or legit.

  • The behaviour of Medlab employees is decent.
  • The price of covid testing is lower than other service providers.
  • Customers can pay using multiple payment modes.

CONS of Medlab 2020:

  • Proper instruction and management of Medlab 2020 have not been available.
  • To get covid testing you have to request several times to get your chance.
  • The privacy policy of Medlab is complicated.
  • No information has been added about the owner.
  • It is a substitute website and the original website achieved a lower score.

Social Media Links:

No social media link or icon is present on the official site.


After researching properly, we do not get any report of any scam in Medlab 2020, but lots of details have not been provided online, and the trust score that we check is average. Popular review-giving websites suggest viewers verify all the factors before viewers book an appointment.

Have you ever done covid testing from an online website?Please share your views.

Medlab2020 Scam:FAQs

Q1. Arethere any scamming details found for theMedlab website?

No scam result has been found.

Q2. What is the Official physical address of Medlab?


Q3. What is the cost per covid test?

$300 per PCR testing

Q4. Can an insurance policy be applicable for paying money?


Q5. When will customers get their results?

Within 48 hours

Q6. How do customers receive results?

By SMS and Email

Q7. What type of covid test will be done in Medlab 2020?


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